Why I Love The Game Of Football...

It's been awhile since I wrote a blog. Not because I haven't wanted to, but because between trying to enjoy another beautiful summer and moving across the country, I've been a bit busy.  However, with the new season upon us, I thought I’d take some time to answer a question I hear often.Why do I love football?...more

Thanks Al Davis From The Raider Nation

My first phone call was to my father who traveled many Sundays up Highway 101 with my brothers or his friend Denny to Oakland Raiders home games.  Daddy didn’t immediately answer, so I was left looking for someone who would understand this news. A young woman in a Cal Berkeley sweatshirt walked into the gym locker room. Never have I, a Stanford Cardinal, been so happy to see a Bear....more
@Authentic Life I'll be checking back by the end of the season (playoffs bound!) Claiming it ...more