And In Other Super Bowl News . . .

There are so many stories.Terry Long, dead at age 45 after drinking antifreeze, in 2005.  His brain was later found to show signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, which causes mood swings, forgetfulness, insomnia and depression, often severe.  In 2006, Steelers team physician Dr. Joseph Maroon said that blaming CTE (and therefore, directly or indirectly, football) for Mr. Long’s death was nothing more than “fallacious reasoning.”...more

My husband is a sports FAN-atic

It was his reaction to a 73-yard Hail Mary pass that made me wonder if he was truly the one for me. Crushed that his team had lost in the last six seconds of the game. Speechless that they had let the win slip from their hands. Outraged by their incompetence, my then boyfriend lapsed into a sports-hazed coma and sulked like a 5-year-old who had just been denied some candy. But I married him anyway...more

Think Purple: What I would change about the NFL

I love football. Really, I do.Although Brady is my quarterback, I can appreciate the talents of the Mannings.The Patriots are my team, but I’ll also root for other teams when New England isn’t playing.It’s not the actual sport that I love. I’ve never really played football, but I understand the rules and I’ve learned a lot from my football-loving husband over the years about plays and strategies and the like. And oh my goodness I’m even trying my hand at the whole Fantasy Football thing this season. (side note: it’s completely overwhelming.)...more