Single Serving Blogs That Serve Up the Laughs

"Single Serving" blogs are a special niche in the blogosphere. As the New York Times explained, they are "highly specific Web sites that serve a single (usually inconsequential) purpose." And usually? They're funny. Really funny. Tears-rolling-down-your-cheeks as you try to explain what you just read but no one can understand you because you're laughing too hard funny. I'm sure some aren't funny, but the best ones are hilarious. ...more
You hit about all my favorites! I also like Stuff White People Like, which isn't laugh out ...more

Posterous: My New Social Media Addiction

The initial buzz about Posterous didn't do much to inspire me to try it. I didn't have time for the blogs and other social media tools that I was using, why would I try a mini-blogging platform whose most important feature seemed to be blog via email capability. I was trying to find ways to use email less often not more often. I figured Posterous just wasn't a tool I'd use. Yet I found myself drawn back to Posterous, over and over again. Each time, it was the blog via email functionality that I just couldn't wrap my head around. ...more