Kaija Mae, how she came and triumphed.

A little over a year ago we were pregnant with our second daughter. About 31weeks pregnant. I noticed so much swelling in my feet and legs, so much so that my feet would be purple by the end of the day. Thinking to myself, "It must be because your on your feet all day." I carried on with life anticipating my last 9 weeks of pregnancy. ...more

Labor of Love Pt2

Labor of Love Pt. 2 ....I don't think I was prepared for the helpless feeling that overcomes a parent when you see your little one struggling. As I sat up and watched the team of NICU doctors and nurses I was completely unaware of the alarms and buzzers going off....more

A Jaundice Story: Baby Boy #4 Turns Yellow

This is the first in a two-part feature on jaundice. In this post, I'll tell you Baby Boy #4's jaundice story, and in the next post I'll address jaundice from a more clinical perspective. Now that Baby Boy has been named, we'll call him Y....more

Surviving the NICU: My Story

I've experienced nothing more helplessly frightening than giving birth to premature infants. I felt like I held my breath from the moment I rolled into the operating room until the moment we drove away from the NICU with three occupied car seats (honestly, I didn't let go of that breath for a long time after that). Trust is something that's normally earned, but with premature birth, trust becomes an instant requirement. ...more
Thank you for sharing your tips. When my baby was in the nicu, I couldn't find many tips for ...more

Parenting a Preemie in the NICU

Having a preemie changes your life. Joys become much more potent as you learn to savor your preemie's tiny victories. Your ability to cope with setbacks grows, and you find new strength within yourself. You become an advocate, a cheerleader, a fighter, and a believer in miracles. ...more

91 Days

I didn't believe he was real.I didn't believe he was mine.The photo in the plastic frame, hastily printed and put on my bedside table? I thought my sister had gotten it off the internet.It wasn't supposed to be like this.I didn't believe I'd ever really been pregnant at all.The giant bandage on my still-swollen belly was just another remnant from yet another procedure, in a long string of "just another procedure," in my 7 years of dealing with kidney failure....more

A Formal Introduction

My husband and I were stunned and amazed. In just under 30 minutes, the doctors delivered two little people in this world. We knew that their babies were in good hands. There was nothing for the us to do other than to sit back and wait while the doctor stitched up the gaping hole in my tummy. I fought back my tears. I wanted to cry because I was robbed of the experience of having our babies placed upon me to hold for the first time. I was robbed of the experience of being able to count 10 little fingers and 10 little toes twice over....more

A Mommy is Born

Once upon a time, on a cold Wednesday afternoon, a boy was born into this world. The doctors lifted his tiny body up in the air for his parents to see him and announced "This is your son." The baby boy was placed into an incubator and whisked out of the room.  Two minutes later, the doctor repeated the processed and lifted another tiny baby into the air and announced, "Here is your daughter."  She too was placed into an incubator and whisked out of the room.  ...more
It was just one of those things that wasn't planned. The experience made me seriously consider ...more

Who doesn't love a birthday?

So the blog may be a little slow as we're waiting for our FIRST product to review!!  For you now you just get to hear me gush about how adorable my kids are and how they're the most amazing kids in the world and all that fun stuff! ...more

World Prematurity Day - "Tiny" and Kathryn

Today is World Prematurity Day (hope you are wearing purple!) Our girls were born at 30 weeks and 5 days.  To most people that seems really early.  To someone who has has had a 24/26/28 weeker, anything beyond 30 weeks is where you hope to get. But our girls were not normal 30 weekers.  Kathryn had all kinds of issues and Tiny suffered from IUGR, (intra uterine growth restriction) so she was only the size of a 26 weeker.  However, she was blessed to have the gestational development even if she was so small. Tiny Kathryn  At 1lb10oz, Tiny was classified as a Micro Preemie.  REALLY TINY.  But she cried at birth, which was a sound we did not expect to hear.  It was so muted and puny.  But it was her, announcing that she was here to stay. Interestingly, I always had a calmness about me with respect to Tiny.   From the day we were diagnosed with TTTS until the day she came home from the NICU after 84 days, other than a few scares, I felt confident that she was going to survive. She was strong, defeated her odds, and just kept keeping on. But that doesn't mean she didn't have her own set of struggles. Truthfully, if they had been born even a day or two earlier, there is a good chance she would not have survived. ...more