Show & Tell -- NieNie Asks: What Are You Grateful For Today?

What are you most grateful for today? Me? I am grateful for the color that dresses the trees in the autumn. Is it autumn colors where you live? What are you grateful for? Show me in pictures or tell me in the comments below. More questions and answers: ...more

I am grateful that I had the time, energy and the house to do work in. I spent all day going ...more

Show & Tell -- NieNie Asks: Should Pets Dress Up for Halloween?

Nie on BlogHer with the question of the week: Is it OK to dress a pet up for Halloween? I never have dressed Jimmy up for Halloween, but if I did, I'd dress him up as a clown -- for sure. See more of my questions and your answers in the NieNie Asks archive. ...more

Interesting question. I have two little ferret girls, wonder how that would work. LOLmore

Show & Tell: NieNie Asks -- What Is Your Favorite No-No Breakfast?

NieNie here, with another Monday question for you: What is your favorite no-no breakfast? My sister-in-law Lisa made me these delish sweet rolls. Wow. What's yours? Share with pictures or in comments! ...more
Has to be a McGriddle. Definitely delicious. Definitely a no, no.. more

Show & Tell -- NieNie Asks: When (and How) Do You Holiday Decorate?

Hi all, I'm back with another weekly question: When do you think it's OK to decorate for the holidays? As for me, I decorated for Halloween yesterday and as soon as Halloween is over, I will decorate for Christmas (with a little Thanksgiving involved). ...more
Hi al!! I love,love,love Christmas!! Growing up my Mother let me take the lead,and do most of ...more

The time I met NieNie .

I am a full on blog stalker. The obsession started about a year ago when i started my adventure in photography. At first it was a few famous photographers my google reader. But It soon grew to include blogs from my friends, and people who i wish were my friends. I LOVE the mom blogs. I love the honesty and the feeling that i am OK ! My kids are normal. That i am not the only one with 7 loads of laundry to do today.Of course one of my favorites is the   Nienie dialogues. I started reading her blog after i saw her family pictures on one of my favorite photographers blog. I was hooked. her blog made me cry, and laugh. And thank God for all of blessings. It quickly has become a favorite for me and my daughter.A few months ago I was visiting one of my favorite restaurants. cafe Rio in mesa Arizona. I was standing in line with my friend, my daughters and my husband debating between a taco or a burrito when my nine year old daughter started frantically pointing at someone in line ahead of us. "mom, Mom. look"I wanted to die. i could not believe mt daughter was being so rude and pointing."Lexi, stop that" I whispered between my clenched teeth." No, Mom look its her""who"" the lady, the lady in the plane"i was fully thinking my daughter was losing it when i looked the direction she was pointing.It was her. It was the Lady in the plane. Nienie and Mr. Nielson were standing right in front of me.I looked around the restaurant fully expecting to see crowds of people coming to shake her hand. I found myself surprised that she didn't have bodyguards when she traveled.But , no one was mobbing them. They were just there, eating , like normal people. My brain was spinning. Should I say hi ? its such a strange feeling to feel like you now someone so well that you have never met. It felt like i was looking at one of my best friends and that it would be rude if I didn't say hi. I mean I knew the names of her kids, what her house looked like., That she was tired the day before. So I did it.I mustered up my courage and i tapped her on the shoulder.then i started feeling really stupid. What am some kind of crazy Internet stalker? What is she thinks I am a psycho and threatens to call the police if I don't leaver her alone this minute. I mean how dare i.....she turned around and looked at late now.Okay, brain work, say something. Tell her she inspires you to be a better mom, a better wife, a better person. tell her you cry when you read about how much pain she is in. that you lead a bible study inspired by her blog. but all i could say was a hello.I did tell her I loved her blog. i thanked her for writing it. i apologized for bugging her.then she smiled and she hugged me.Not like a fake hug either. It was a full on I like you kind of hug.Then she thanked me for reading. for praying.And she hugged me again.I went back to my place in line feeling like I had just met a celebrity. And I had.My friend asked me if she was a friend from church. i laughed and responded." No, she is a friend from the Internet " ...more

Show & Tell -- NieNie Asks: What White Things Will You Miss After Labor Day?

My favorite time of the year! Last night was the first evening of the annual Nielson Autumn Color Tour. This is where we all hop in the family mobile and drive around Utah County. Every Sunday evening, we will be in search of brilliant fall color. The journey will take us up the mountain ranges in many of the breath-taking Utah canyons. We open all the car windows, have beautiful (Sunday appropriate) music on (really loud). Then we all stick our heads out the window and take it all in. Welcome Autumn. ...more

I'll miss summer rainmore

Show and Tell: NieNie Asks ... What Are You Doing Right Now?

Hey, it's Monday -- time to share the themed pictures of the week. ...more

Tomorrow is my babies last first day of school as she starts her senior year of high school. I ...more

Best Wishes NieNie

Donna from Massachusetts   Rejoice in the day and set off a bright balloon or two in honor of the  accomplishments of NieNie...more

Show and Tell: NieNie Asks ... How Are You Getting Back to School?

Hey, it's Monday -- time to share the themed pictures of the week. This week I am asking you to send a photo of you: Preparing for back to school. How do you do it? I want to encourage you to comment as well. As some of you know, we will have our "Back to school feast" and the new school clothes fashion show. My kids are so excited. What do you do? Can't wait to see it! (My back to school scene. My guest room packed with school supplies and clothes ready for the big day!) ...more
We start school next week. I have a son in High school, a daughter in jr high, one is elementry ...more