Nigella on Her Own

I first heard about Nigella Lawson from my mom, I think, who was a big fan of her cooking show Nigella Bites. Her completely unapologetic love of food, both the cooking and eating of it, was infectious and I too became a fan. I didn't find myself drawn to try any of her recipes, exactly, but instead sat back and enjoyed her enjoyment. As a former art student it hadn't escaped me that she was married to one of the art world's biggest honchos — collector Charles Saatchi. Sort of an oddball pairing, maybe, but to each his own....more

Domestic Violence: Are We Finally Talking About It?

A few weeks ago, there was a disturbing story in the news about celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, who had been photographed in a London restaurant having an argument with her husband Charles Saatchi. In a photo that was widely distributed across the web, he was observed putting his hand around Nigella's throat....more
@robynski  Good point, and certainly one we were aware of in designing the study. In this survey ...more

5 Things I Want to Tell Nigella Lawson

On Sunday, photos were published showing celebrity chef Nigella Lawson being grabbed on the throat by her husband. The photos splashed over the internet showed him holding her by the throat and her leaving the restaurant in tears. It should come as no surprise that this story caught my attention. Ten years working with women escaping domestic violence leaves its mark on a person. I will always be a victim advocate even if I am no longer in the field....more
To all of the women out there that are suffering abuse, either physical or mental take it from ...more

Hanging with Nigella Lawson

Sometimes all it takes to make a new experience happen is to speak before thinking.This is how I came to be invited to the opening of the Chatelaine kitchen where the gorgeous, witty, cooking goddess extraordinaire Nigella Lawson held court. Did I mention she is gorgeous?...more

Charm Of Cherry Cheesecake

A good friend asked me for recommendation of no-bake cheesecake recipe and I drew a blank. My immediate association for this retro dessert is cream cheese flavour jello which is less than appetizing. I dug a little deeper and apparently there are other options to set the cream cheese filling without resorting to gelatine. I took a fancy to Nigella Lawson’s minimalist version using cream cheese, icing sugar, and whipped cream with a bit of lemon juice, vanilla, and salt for taste. It is like a blank canvas inviting the cook to play around with flavours, mix-in, and toppings....more

The Culling Fields

I'm taking a stand against my recipe collection. Pop over to my blog Expat Mum and join me....more

Food Network Changes

I’m not so fond of Food Network’s new direction.  The other day I sat down to watch a cake decorating show, but this one turned into a show about engineering. Could the bakers/designers duplicate (in cake) a favorite car?   On the next show, they built a replica of a DJ’s sound board.     I like the cooking process so much that I’ll watch enthralled while someone makes a sandwich, but I don’t want to watch cooks building structures out of food. ...more

Good question - I wonder that myself.  Food Network website does a good job of keeping ...more

TV Shows That Feel Like Home

Ever take a walk at dusk and look into lighted windows?   From the outside looking in, things seem warm and cozy. That’s the feeling I look for in a favorite TV show.  Not a particular house, but that feeling.  My favorite shows all have that in common.   ...more

Owning it and working it.

If there was a lottery for eras, I lost. This is not the era to be buxom. Having a bosom is something to be ashamed of, something to cover, something to minimize and disguise. It's like a dirty secret brought out into the public, with the reactions varying from salacious giggles to outright rudeness from one gender, and suspicion, irritation or judgment from the other. To have breasts in this day means to spend ridiculous amounts of money on bras designed to keep you in your place. ...more