Night Sweats

A friend called me the ot...more

Can We Fix the Hot Flash???

 Can we Fix the Flash? ...more

It's American Menopause Month -- Celebrate or Weep?

Hot flash!  News flash!  September is American Menopause Month!   Depending on your perspective this may or may not be something to celebrate.  But the fact that there's a month in the year dedicated to the change of life acknowledges the many women struggling through a transition that hits us all differently.   ...more


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Don't Sweat the Night Sweats

When I started my business 4 years ago,, I received many questions doubting the abilities of the fabric to work as promised. "The fabric transports the perspiration (night sweats) away from the body where it quickly evaporates." This means you stay dry and comfortable while getting a good night sleep. I am happy to say that I no longer get those doubting questions. Women are aware of the abilities of these moisture wicking fabrics. ...more

From jammies that pull moisture away from your skin, to portable air conditioning units and cool pillows...

Thankfully, my days of hot flashes and evenings of night sweats are a thing of the past. For me, what finally worked was to get on the correct medications. Once my hormones were back in balance, these unpleasant (to put it mildly!) symptoms went away. ...more