Are We Done Yet?

I was absolutely elated when my 3 year had finally been potty trained. No more bribes to use the bathroom, no more close calls on the floor, and best of all no more Pull-Ups! Yes! I was finally done! It seemed as if there was no end in sight. The constant worry of accidents happening. The incessant calculation of how many Pull-Ups would be needed if we were away from the house for more than a couple hours. The extra case of Pull-Ups needed for daycare…All of that was over! But oh yeah, I almost forgot. There is now the job of night time potty training. Crap!...more

4am? That's real commitment to the process. I'm in awe.


Maybe it's something only a mother could understand

C has taken to tiptoeing into our room when she needs me in the middle of the night. She knows that she shouldn't wake up her little sister if she wants mommy to attend to her needs. She's also figured out that I tend to sleep with earplugs and, even though I can still hear my husband snore, I can't always hear her whispering "Mommy" from her bed. ...more