When your imagination wears you out

 I heard the back door click the way it does when I'm trying to leave it ajar so when I carry the next load of groceries in, I can push it open without turning the knob. When I see a light on in the office, too, I bolt upright.It's 3:30 a.m.Someone is in the house....more

Stephen King Has Nothing On This

Seven o'clock in the morning: the usual Piggle wake-time. Generally speaking, our mornings are fairly routine. Breakfast, poop, play, snack, poop....you get the point.I thrive on schedules and ordered chaos. I don't like when a wrench is thrown into my otherwise monotonous day. Now that I think about it, though, I probably should just toss out my to-do lists and agenda. As we all know, luck is never on my side. This morning is a perfect example of this....more
 @mommygonemental I'm so sorry.more

Every Parent's Worst Nightmare

I've told this story so many times since last week - to family, friends, doctors, nurses. It was hard at first to talk about this without crying, it is getting a little easier each time. But, I also feel very spent after retelling the details. So I decided to write out what happened, so that I can point people to this post if they want to read about what happened. I sat down and started writing this in hospital on Thursday once I'd finally had a little bit of sleep. The story is longer than I can handle writing in one go, so that is why it is split - not for dramatic effect....more
I am having trouble uploading my blog to the BlogHer website, but the second part of this story ...more

i carry your heart

N.A., my sweet man: There is something comforting about the fact that you had a nightmare about me last night. You told me that you woke up from a horrible dream in which I died; you cried. I'm sorry I laughed at you when you asked me multiple times if I was okay, as if speaking wasn't enough of a confirmation that yes, baby, I am breathing. I am happy to report that I am not only living, I am alive. ...more

Just 8% of Americans want their Member of Congress re-elected. HAHAHAHAHA.

According to a CBS News/New York Times poll, 92% of Americans DO NOT WANT THEIR MEMBER OF CONGRESS RE-ELECTED. Why?...more


Kind of speechless.

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In the Name of “GOD”….

“If we say we are doing it for God and Country…they will believe anything we sell them!” (a republican mantra) I know…I keep trying to bring up the facts  - and the facts just don’t matter - do they? Not when we are trying to be intelligent about our protests of this preposterous republican Vice Presidential appointment and the realities of what would befall us if such a nightmare were to ever materialize? But here I go again… How silly - are - we? ...more

Hair Woes: culture shock at the saloon

I received a mail today from a guy who happened upon my blog – always nice when that happens… Anyway, after the usual ‘niceties’ between bloggers, “Great blog! Keep it up!” etc., he directed me to his blog where I found a great post he had written, which was featured in the Washington Post, about his experience getting his first haircut in Tokyo.  He is a black American guy and had avoided the barber shops for fear of the blank looks he’d get when he walked in. The complete lack of experience they would ...more

Hi - thanks for the reply! It took about 2 months till my hair felt ok again. But i am such a ...more

Confessions of an Insomniac: Babies, babies and more babies

It serves me right for making fun of the furniture dream … I used to think babies were evil. I would cover my ears when they would scream or cry. They were all disgusting no matter what they did. Babies are always puking and pooping. And, for some reason, moms have no shame and want to show you what their new baby has done. This used to not be cute to me … Read more of this entry >> ...more