I'm sorry for the interruption of our normally scheduled program PT. 5 CAREGIVER SERIES "How We Got Here" so I can bring this nightmare into the light and maybe banish good. PT. 5 WILL RETURN ON WEDNESDAY OF THIS WEEK! MY ALZHEIMER'S NIGHTMARE ...more

Goodbye Nightmare Lover!

The nightmare took over. It came to me night after night, tiptoeing into my peaceful sleep and curling up beside me like a longtime lover. Quietly climbing into my bed, slowly inching over my body, not near enough to touch, but close enough to hover over my warm skin, its breath upon me. Beginning with a gentle caress, it traveled over me, inch by inch, plying my body to its will, allowing no resistance until the moment arrived when it entered me in my weakened state of slumber. At first, came only a moan, barely audible, but enough for my brain to register it was happening....more

Nocturnal wanderings

What have you been up to in the middle of the night?  Who keeps track of you? ...more

Irrational Fears

I'm running for my life. They're chasing me and trying to get to my family, I have to save them and keep them safe. I have to get us out of here. I can almost feel the humidity in the air. I'm in some kind of factory, running across a metal scaffold holding my son in my arms. There are hands grabbing at me through the metal floor trying to pull me down. I trip, fall and he runs from my arms because he's afraid. I watch as they grab him....more

How I Overcame My Fear of the Night

Fear, uncertainty, and discomfort are your compasses toward growth.- Celestine ChuaHave you ever checked the shower curtain for hidden murderers?When you're all alone at night and the landline rings, does your heart race à la Ring?...more

things i learned while camping

Blog Directory 1. im just as scared at night except there's less hospitals around. so i have an appreciation for the city because if someone broke in it wouldn't take an officer 30 m to get there 2.i like to wear colored jeans no matter where i if this means falling in a swamp then i guess it will be all the more noticeable on my purple jeans' butt 3....more

Banishing Nightmares with the Dreamcatcher

My daughter came home from working late to find my nine-year-old grandson hiding in the bathroom, crouched in a corner, crying. He’d had a nightmare. “Mommy, I dreamt that we were going on vacation; we all got on different planes—me, you, daddy and my brother—and when we got there we couldn’t find each other.” My oldest daughter has two boys, nine and ten years-old, and she is recently divorced. The breakup has left the boys devastated, but the youngest is really affected and often has nightmares.“Legend of the Dreamcatcher”...more
@elaineR.N. And you know that I know and understand just what you are talking about. Isn't ...more

Monsters Incorporated

For some time, Bunny has been experiencing a reoccurring nightmare.  She dreams monsters come in our house and eat our entire family, except for her.  She is left alone with no parents, no home, and no place to go....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

Some time.

For the last few months I have been doing a lot of soul searching. I have also, been hired, let go due to down sizing, had my wisdom tooth cut out and my jaw damaged in the process, started home schooling my gifted son, helped my mother- in - law through a handful of health ailments, ran afore mentioned mothers business, traveled to Oregon and Utah twice, planned moves that never happened, and most of all began the long road of explaining my issues. I also bought a new keyboard with a steel reinforced comma key for those times when a sentence need to be its own paragraph....more