"Watch Your Business EXPAND With the Romney/Ryan Plan"

  Hundreds of women came today to Sterling, VA to show their support for Mitt Romney and listen to the inspirational words of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.  There were women who previously worked for Mitt along with women who currently work for Mitt and plenty of women who support Mitt. There was a sea of women in the crowd – older women, younger women, single women, grandmothers with granddaughters, mothers and daughters, retirees and working women.  ...more

The Romney Veepstakes: Will He Pick a Game Changer?

Mitt Romney has spent the primary season making sure we know how important it is that our next president has executive experience. He's reminded us at every turn how much of his life he's spent at the helm of corporations, even seizing a couple of uncouth opportunities to tell us how many friends in high places his success in executive positions have earned him....more
 @moderndaypearls Thanks for the link.  I do worry that choosing a woman will become a fad, and ...more

The New Female Reformers: Nikki Haley

This why so many conservative women are bewildered when liberal women reject us from the ranks of feminism. Compared to fighting the sexism and corruption that still exists within some pockets of the Republican Party, whining about choice seems frivolous. We're working to weed out corruption and eliminate barriers to political involvement. They're parading rusted coat hangers around. While we're advocating for policies that reduce taxes and help everyday Americans, they seem stuck in a time warp. ...more
While I appreciate your detaching of  religious belief from your politics, something very few ...more

Pro-Life Women Mid Term Election Winners

There were a number of pro-life women candidates running in the mid term elections. How did they do? On pro-life female Senate candidates,...more

Ohio Discriminates Against Pregnant Mothers: Where are the Mama Grizzlies Now?

The Ohio Supreme Court handed down a decision today in McFee v. Nursing Care Management of America, Inc. that holds that, "...it's not gender discrimination for employers to require a minimum tenure for employees to take an extended leave for any purpose, pregnancy included." (See this Columbus Dispatch blog post.) What's the problem? ...more

I agree that it makes sense for businesses to treat their employees well including having paid ...more

Men in Skirts?

About two weeks ago, following June 8 primary night, the big meme in political media was “The Year of the (Republican) Woman.”  Primary victories by the likes of Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina in California, and a strong performance by Nikki Haley in South Carolina, followed on the back of victory the week prior by Susana Martinez in New Mexico.  ...more
What is the problem ? The men in pants, Haven't done so well governing this country or any ...more

Feminism's Last Chance for Legitimacy

Be careful for what you wish. The fem blogs finally noticed the craziness going down in South Carolina. Rather than use this as an opportunity to attack the establishment good ol' boy network, they question if the allegations were true....more

Senator Jake Knotts Slings Racial Slur at Candidate Nikki Haley: Is an Apology Going to Be Enough?

Thank you, South Carolina and Republican state Sen. Jake Knotts. You've introduced some people in America to another racial slur, one generally reserved for Arabs, Sikhs, and sometimes African-Americans, too: "rag head." That's what you called your fellow Republican and female gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley -- who's leading in the South Carolina polls. ...more

The thing about racist stuff coming out of someone's mouth is that it originated somewhere ...more

The Deafening Silence of Feminists on Nikki Haley

Imagine that a woman is running for office. She's a pro-abortion Democrat and is leading in the polls. Two weeks before a contentious primary, a political blogger claims to have conducted an affair with the candidate....more

SC State Rep. Nikki Haley - Republican, 37 years old & mother of two - enters Governor's race

On the heels of this post of mine at The Moderate Voice and its very lengthy discussion about why there are far fewer conservative or Republican women in elected office than there are liberal or Democratic women comes yesterday's announcement by South Carolina State Representative Nikki Haley - a 37 year old third-term Republican from Lexington County - that she is entering SC's gubernatorial primary rac ...more