Summer Colds are the Worst

Formosa, Cricket, Influenza.“Mom?” Seven year old Ian screamed bloody murder as he ran through the house, his big brother Auden right behind him.  “Mom!”  They slammed open the screen door and exploded out on the back porch, a ball of fists and feet.  The fight was over quickly; eleven year old Auden was bigger.   He landed a fist in Ian’s left eye and Ian howled. That’s what you get, you little twerp.” Growled Auden, aiming a kick at his brothers behind. ...more
@neekswrite Ha, ha... You have made mine and my hubby's morning (booz). Thank you! If these are ...more

(VIDEO) What Do You Mean Gameboys Are Vintage?

Today's children may have various forms of technology available to use for fun and educational purposes. However, they're not really aware of what came before their iPods, DSis and Wiis. In a funny video making the rounds, a group of French children take a look out our old stuff and try to figure out what it is they're touching. Laughter and nostalgia abound. ...more

and my original Nintendo, and a VCR (or 2). I was a big fan of Zelda too. Still am, I now have ...more

Parents Need to Understand Online Video Games Rather than Hate Them

In today's day and age, the Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) is the hottest trend in computer entertainment and they are only getting more interactive. Parents don't understand the extent of these games and instead of getting involved; they trash the whole idea and say that they ruining a child's life. As a gaming parent, I'm here to dismiss that myth. ...more

Wii Fit and Family Fun

I celebrated my birthday a  few weeks ago and as always I was thankful, blessed, and excited to reach another year in my life when I still have the ability to enjoy life, my children, family, and friends.  Another year in a job I love because I can help people stay motivated, get excited about fitness, and really, who doesn't like working only a few hours a day.   ...more

How difficult is it to win the lottery? I mean, buy a Wii Fit?

We are on a quest to find a Wii Fit, and of course, they are sold out everywhere!! ...more

My Bloggy Valentine: Join Us for a Special BlogHer Meet-Up on February 6th in San Francisco!

When: Friday, February 6 Time: 6:30 - 8:30 Where: 330 Ritch (A bar at 300 Ritch St.), San Francisco, CA Who: All BlogHers and BlogHims who find themselves in the Bay Area Why: Because what could be sweeter than a pre-Valentine's meet-up with Bay Area BlogHers...and free drinks, delicious nibbles, games, get the picture Fee: Free, free, free! (But you must register to attend.) ...more

loved your article very nice ...more

A Wii Bit of Diving Heaven

This week I went to a part of the South Pacific called Manoa Lai to be the scuba diving guide on The Gabbiano, a marine research vessel with shiny teak decks, white sails and get this, 3 penguin pets. I slammed the door on the negative 5 degree temps of Maine and jumped feet-first into coral-filled waters to drift with schools of parrotfish and tangs and the occasional curious dolphin. I explored coral canyons, swam through blue holes and found an ancient medal on the sea floor. The most amazing part about this Never B4 is that I did it all from my couch. ...more

Your diving experience was sounding like heaven. Then I hit the couch part and it stopped me ...more