Zumba Fitness: Initial Thoughts

I received the game Zumba Fitness for the Wii for my birthday, and today I gave it a go for the first time.I've been meaning to set the Wii up for the entire time I have lived in my current house and we moved in about 18 months ago! I've missed Mario Kart but obviously not enough to go to the effort of plugging the scart, power and sensor wires in! I don't know why I put it off, as it didn't even take an advert break during Grand Designs to set it all up....more
I love Zumba - I really like to take the classes but will admit I am saving up my money to buy ...more

2009, The Year Of The Wii Fit

I'm a 41 year old video gamer all of a sudden? What the heck? But, I'm loving my Wii Fit so far and it's definately helping me reach my weight loss and fitness goals.  Read about it here. ...more

Why aren't video game marketers paying attention to the ladies?!

Ever since I was young I can always remember those rainy days when mom would let us stay inside and play video games all day. We would pop in Street Fighter, Mario Kart, and Mortal Kombat just to name a few. I always was one character in those games, and one character only.....the only girl ever in the video games. Chun Li, Princess Peach and Kintana became my alter egos, a recent revelation of mine that has made complete sense but also confuses me about the video game industry. ...more

 Maria- halo is a great game! Have you seen the wedding where a couple actually got married ...more