Too old for Nirvana??

I realized the other day, with the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana's Nevermind,that I like Nirvana a whole hell of a lot better today than I did then, as a 15-year-old.  Is that weird?  Shouldn't I be too old to be resonating with thedisenfranchised youth of America?...more
You are never too old for Nirvana. Never.more

Remembering Kurt Cobain: 17 Years Later

When I woke up this morning to the Internet telling me it was the 17th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, the first thing I thought was how much he would have hated retrospectives. And Twitter trending? Forget about it.Then I figured that if he had to tolerate one, he'd pick an odd, random number like 17 to riff on, instead of of the usual 5 and 0-digit important anniversary years. ...more

I've needed to share this..
I began listening to Nirvana at age 11 (1991) when Bleach came out. ...more

Music and Movement and Guest Blogger upcoming this week....

I've always loved this band and this song.  I can totally relate to semi-tortured artists, being one of them.  The muse is moved more by things that haunt you vs. anything else.  When you listen to songs on the radio or read poetry, or books, whether fiction or non... it's pretty notable.  Anyway, this song, when it came out, really impressed me.  The late Kurt Cobain wrote this song and it is sung by the band Nirvana:  All Apologies<span style="font-weight:bold;">What else should I beAll apologiesWhat else could I say ...more

Cobain and Grohl: Mythic Heroes

Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl were both in Nirvana. Both musical legends. Wizards at writing lyrics, at performing, at playing instruments, at writing music. Gods venerated by young people for their scorching hotness (depending on your taste) and electrifying rebellion. And one of them is still alive. And I think their lyrics say a lot about why…. KURT COBAIN   ...more