Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You Do?  Colleen breaks away and saves herself. by Author MelindaTrippMay 4, 2012     Two men following the school-bus saw one girl get off.  She had become a target.  Her mother was late coming to the end of their dirt road to pick her up. Unconcerned, Colleen began walking up the road....more

Top Ten Reasons Not to Pejazzle or Scrotazzle

   Silly boys, bling is for girls   Mornings in the Dahle house start out pretty much the same each day--My husband and I wake up, he goes to the kitchen and pours us both a cup of coffee, he brings the cups back to bed where we sit and enjoy our coffee ...more

Great article. Seriously funny LOL! Who would have thought. I love the "Liberace's ...more

Can You Say No to Your Boss? Tips for Helping to Say No at Work. Part 1.

The tense and demanding workplace environment depicted in The Devil Wears Prada may hit a little too close to home. If an annoying boss or colleague is ruining your work day by adding to your stress or intruding into your personal time, you’re not alone. According to an online job source survey, more than half of workers say they work under a great deal of stress, with nearly 77 percent reporting they feel burnout on the job....more

No and Beyond

My girls turn two and a half next week.  For the past six months it seems like I have heard nothing but "no.""Let's use the potty!""No!""Time to read stories in our room!""Un-uh.""Can we take a bath?""No. No wet head....more

Going No-Poo: The Experiment


Women, Business Risk and the Paralyzing Fear of "No"

In business, as in other of life’s arenas, women tend to be more risk-averse than men.  I think we come by this trait honestly.  When you’re responsible for carrying, delivering and nurturing the future of your species, you need to be a little cautious, right? ...more


I went to see my new internist today. Why new? you ask. Well, because the one I was seeing also sees my ex and our last phone call led me to believe that he's none to thrilled with me anymore. I got the recommendation from my neurologist. Ohh, a neurologist huh? least that's what I would be thinking so for those of you who are curious, I get a few migraines every year and I went for my annual check up. ...more