Politicians: It's About Fixing Education, Not Just Teacher Appreciation

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, the time of year when parents are baking cookies, writing cards, and filling gift baskets for those wonderful educators who spend nine months out of the year instructing, inspiring and disciplining our youngster. There’s a phrase I hear often from many a harried mom: It’s for the kids. The mantra is repeated as moms and dads organize school fundraisers, volunteer to grade spelling tests, buy reams of paper for cash-strapped schools....more
 @HomeRearedChef Thanks, Virginia. The state of education is overwhelming, and I think many ...more

No Child Left Behind Waivers and the Future of U.S. Education

Three main variables in education policy -- all recently in flux and one still in need of details -- will affect how the nation's neighborhood schools are run within the next several months. President Obama has framed investment in education as having the potential to power a renaissance in American cultural and technological pre-eminence -- or, if we miss this opportunity, to toss aside decades of innovation as other nations out-achieve us. ...more
Most teachers hate the NO Child Left Behind Legislation and feel it is irrelevant to the needs ...more

The State of Education: The Children We Leave Behind

In a system that rewards high test results with extra money and takes away funding from low-performing schools, what can you expect? We ought to be able to expect academic integrity, sure, but I’m not shocked that desperate teachers, pressured by desperate administrators, pressured by high-stakes testing help desperate students in a pinch. If your choice was to nudge a kid’s pencil slightly to the left or lose your job, what would you do? ...more

I am a public school teacher and I am scared of what will be coming next. I teach in a urban ...more

Supporting Our Teachers

Looking for  Soldiers by Eileen Eady Recently I got my current issue of "Education Matters" a monthly publication from the Association of American Educators.  I was disappointed to find such a negative publication toward teachers. This is my letter to the managing editor. Teachers all over the country are under attack. We are barraged with parent complaints, threats of test scores being used to determine employment, and pressure to bring students up to grade level who come to us behind....more

Educators for Reform

by Eileen Eady My fellow teachers and parents: Throughout history we have seen injustices in our country battled. We fought to get the vote for women and minorities. We, Americans, have seen change come from voices united in protest to unjust situations. Now as we go to our classrooms and schools every day we are marching into a battle zone. The time has come for the Americans in this country to unite and fight for the most important issue in the country....more

I realize that teachers are not the only ones responsible for educating our children and I ...more

Education in America: My Job Insecurity

Lately, my posts about education are getting more and more frequent. There is also, of course, the creeping in of posts about pregnant girls that lead naturally back to my own pregnant teen years. It’s hard to miss that the word “years” was plural. The more I do that, the more I get questions (via e-mail or messages) about whether or not it’s okay that I write about my work. I’ve been called “gutsy” and “brave” for writing about my job and people wonder how I fly under the radar at work. Truth be told, I’m not under the radar. ...more

I used to want to be a high school teacher (English!) and your posts sometimes rekindle that ...more

Bill Clinton meets with bloggers on climate change, health care and more

Former President Bill Clinton says he likes blogs and bloggers.That's why he had his staff invite 15 of us to his Harlem, New York office for an hour-long chat Monday about the work of the Clinton Foundation, his recent appointment as special UN envoy to Haiti and a range of other current political issues.   Energy policy  ...more

 But a big, big grin.

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Fair Pay and Health Care for Kids are Closer to Reality

As I started to write this post, I realized I was at a bit of a loss. I love writing about fair pay for women, health care for children and better schools, but I just couldn't help wondering why there's still a need to be writing about them? I'd like to think that in 2009, those things aren't too much to expect from the most powerful nation on Earth. ...more

.... is that the Lilly Ledbetter Act and the Fair Pay Act were voted approved in the House, but ...more

No Gold Star for McCain's Preschool Plan

Put down those bubbles and get to work, kiddos. You'd better produce some results, or there might not be any money in the budget for next year. ...more

Leading to bad (or just plain wrong) educational policy.  This is how important the issue is, ...more

Junk the SOLs!

Junk the SOLs! Too much emphasis on the test and NOT what kids are actually learning…they are learning to memorize answers. The pressure on the teachers, schools, kids is UNBELIEVABLE. If you have school aged kids you’d know what I’m talking about. Walk the halls the weeks before and during testing and you can cut the tension with a knife. ...more