CARELESSNESS, MISTAKES, and EXCUSES……   To me there is a big difference between a mistake and carelessness……Carelessness is simply a person’s way of being sloppy in doing something…..They really aren’t paying attention by choice……Whereas a Mistake is most often a mistake based on faulty judgment with the best intentions…..We are likely all to have done both in life…….There is also the Category called “Excuses….” People tend to make excuses for things they don’t want to do and find reasons to do what they truly want to….I like to call it “Justification…” which to me is a...more

The Post That Negates Any Excuses You Might Have Had to NOT Attend BlogHer13

Every year I write about why every women should come to BlogHer, kick back, and have fun.  Every year I add a little bit more to the previous post.  Here’s this year’s edition:It’s begun.  Facebook seems to be exploding with women talking about why they really want to come to BlogHer, but are afraid they’re not the “right kind” of woman for this conference.Dear ones:  we are ALL the right kind of woman for this conference.Some of you are worried that you don’t have the right kind of clothes for a conference full of stylish women....more
lol Now it's officially conference season -- you've written your post.   PS. There might be ...more