The 'Poo Chronicles

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patriciaappelquist Sequoia tree--I love it.  good luck!more

The No Shampoo Challenge

Every once in awhile I come across a beauty trend or article that sparks my interest. Typically, its Skincare or makeup related but I’ve become more obsessed with natural beauty and hair care products. My hair has always been an issue, or I should say, after I had my son I’ve had issues with my hair. Plus I constantly go back and forth with highlights and dark hair so my hair is stressed....more
I am curious about the challenge, but have to admit I cannot see not using any hair spray once ...more

Color treated hair: skipping shampoo

I've been "no poo" (without shampoo) for over a week now (see previous post)! When I first researched this method, I am embarassed to say that it never occurred to me that my experience might be different due to the fact that I regularly have my hair highlighted....more

The No-Shampoo Experiment

I've been thinking about it for a while now: I am going to stop washing my hair with shampoo....more
That is an interesting theory and I have tried it but my scalp hates the baking soda and it ...more