A Natural Sweetener — Stevia

If you are like me, you are probably wondering if Stevia will be another Agave story. The truth is, I used to eat agave, but I didn't do the research before consuming this alternative sweetener. I heard from a doctor that agave was so much better than eating sugar or honey and that I should be using it in everything for which I normally used sugar. I honestly didn't add sugar in many things, but then again, I didn't realize how much sugar, maltose, dextrose, or high-fructose syrup were in the foods I used to eat....more

Peach basil fried rice with Thai-style tempeh

 I had thought I would be in China by now....more
The focus you mention that is required with cooking... I wonder if that's why I like it so much. ...more

Post-party mulberry smoothie

 This week’s recipe is a celebration: of seasonal produce, of friends, and of celebrating too hard with friends....more

Easy vegan cornbread


Better refried beans

 Before writing this post, I really wanted to make some enchiladas for you. So I bought some sprouted corn tortillas, stirred together some drool-worthy, cocoa-infused sauce and diced up beans, avocados, tomatoes, et al for filling. And just as I slid the freshly-filled pan into the oven…the power went out....more

Smoky split pea stew


Smoky barbecue baked bean casserole

   You guys? Sometimes, I get these weird, uber specific cravings.For a while in college, it was buffalo sauce—the stuff had to be on everything. Rice, chickpeas, eggs, oatmeal…yeah, that was definitely the birth of my savory oatmeal obsession....more