I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up For Education And Was Shot By The Taliban

‘I am Malala.’ The autobiographer uses the first person address in the title of her book. It gives a strong sense of presence, courageously telling the whole world that she is not afraid to tell her story to all who hears her. It is a bold statement that reveals her confident personality and a strong, fearless character....more

Reflecting the loss of Steve Jobs: How about a Nobel Prize in Technology?

 That the news was predictable doesn't make it less painful. And somehow it feels so personal.Maybe because he was so brilliant; maybe because it's so close to all of our lives in so many ways. Not just the devices we use every day but maybe because he seemed to be the ultimate survivor -- it hits hard that even Steve Jobs was powerless against cancer....more

The Unstoppable Marie Curie

Maria Sklodovska Curie, born in 1867 in Russian occupied Warsaw, Poland is the only person in history to receive two Nobel prizes, each in a different science. In 1903 she received the Nobel Prize in Physics, and in 1911, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. ...more

I have always loved the stories about Marie Curie. I am of Polish ancestry, and she was a real ...more

In which i have a sore spot ... and win the Nobel Prize

So I have a sore spot on the roof of my mouth.  Aren’t things in your mouth irritating?  I mean, the minute you have a sore spot in your mouth, your compulsive little tongue takes over and won’t stop messing with it.  Now I’m not sure about you, but on a normal day I assume that my tongue is just hanging out in my mouth in a neutral position but the minute something goes wrong, whether it’s a tooth, or I accidentally bite a huge chunk out of my cheek (don’t you hate that?) or in this case, a sore spot on the roof of my mouth, my tongue won’t settle the hell down. So a...more

Will a Nobel Prize for Medicine Change the Way People View IVF?

The Nobel Prize does matter. It changes the way the general public views an advancement in medicine, with the idea trickling down from the scientific community into the layperson world. The committee's acceptance of an idea, the declaration that it should be honored, carries weight. And it will be interesting to watch public opinion for the next few years following Robert Edwards' Nobel for his IVF work. Will IVF become less controversial? Or will it still continue to garner headlines daily? ...more

He may have created it but there are still ethical issues that have not been resolved. ...more

President Obama deserves the Nobel Prize


In Praise of the Unknown Nobelist

by Laura Baudo Sillerman...more

On President Obama's Nobel

by Farai Chideya ...more