The Fearless Cook is sick of Italian Chicken

The fourth Italian Chicken dish I challenged myself to make is Chicken Cacciatore. It is a traditional, country-type Italian stew with cut-up chicken pieces, garlic, wine and leftover vegetables.     ...more

Thanks for reading- you are so kind. I think the three subscribers to my blog tuned me out and ...more

The Fearless Cook makes Chicken Parmesan

    Chicken Parmesan - The third recipe in my Italian Chicken series challenge.   Chicken Parmesan is a popular American favorite of Italian dishes. Fried chicken with pasta?...more

I thought I was clever! If I had only known...more

An alternative to Easter ham - Italian Chicken Piccata

It’s spring and the weather is sunny one day and stormy the next. This is the last time before summer hits that we will feel comfortable heating up the kitchen and making an Italian meal. Being that it is Easter this weekend I will focus on Chicken Piccata – the second Italian Chicken out of four that I have challenged myself to make....more

So we returned from our Easter Brunch and this was a hit. The brunch included, ham, a ...more

The Fearless Cook takes on..Four Italian Chickens - Chicken Marsala

There are two things I never order when I go out to eat. One is chicken and the other is Italian food. It’s not that I dislike either one of them, because I love them both. I just always cook them at home. But here is something I have never done, cook an Italian Chicken dish at home. So here in lies the challenge for The Fearless Cook. Make four Italian Chicken Dishes: Marsala, Parmesan, Piccata, and Cacciatore. The only one of the four I have ever eaten was Chicken Parmesan....more

I can't believe I didn't wreck this the first time I made it. But, I took my time and got ...more

Pasta Napoletano, as good as Pizza!: Aroma Cucina

I'm a pasta, I'm a pizza, I'm decide.  Both Italian and both delicious!

when a pizza just won't do.