The rain continues to come down.  I continue to venture forth into the Universe to feed myself, for no woman is an island unto herself. She cannot be nurtured and grow without any outside forces.  Within, she will dwindle and wither and become as insignificant as she already feels....more

Last Nerve

Peace and quiet.I have no human children, but I can understand about peace and quiet.When you work in customer service all day, ideally you pay attention to those you are trying to help.Pretty sad when you have to quiet them in your head with noise so you can actually pay attention to them instead of the noise that surrounds you....more

Enjoying Quiet Time in an Often-Noisy House

My house is often noisy. There's always something going on. With six people in and out all the time (some more in than others), there's always activity. It may be the TV or other electronics, a bass or guitar being strummed or picked, someone crying, screaming, or laughing, feet stomping across the wood floor as the five-year-old dashes to the bathroom or the two-year-old goes looking for Mommy or Daddy. There's arguing and playing, running around, shrieks of joy or frustration....more

Misophonia: Noises that Annoy You

Constantly annoyed by noises? There's a name for that: misophonia.  It's a neurological disorder that causes people to cringe at certain sounds.  The Unextreme shares all the sounds that annoy her, from clicking pens to dishes clinking together. As she so succinctly explains in regards to misophonia: "We don’t hate every noise. But the ones we do hate, we don’t take lightly." I love the post because it's great to have a word to describe that feeling of annoyance that swells in your chest as someone repeatedly makes the same noise next to you. ...more
I fear my issues are mixed with my concepts about the noise that bothers me.   So, it's not just ...more

All those with a short straw say "I"

…or else please stop feeling, as I do, that I have to put the finger in my eye. My boss informed me she is out tomorrow, meaning today. I come in today and the person due to man the front desk**can you feel what’s coming?”** CALLED OUT SICK. ...more

Noise behind the wall

Banging, laughter, talking, squeaking: what is all this noise I am hearing next to me?  When I purchased my condo, I never knew what I was about to encounter.  When I went searching for a home, I looked at many places before I selected this one.  I was so thrilled to have gotten such a great deal in an artsy part of town. It is convenient to everything, bars, restaurants, galleries and shops.  What more can I asked for?...more

Cut the Clamor: Accessories for the Disturbed

In yet another installment of Tales from Menopause…I have squishy foam ear plugs stuffed in my ears. They come in a little cardboard box from the drugstore, and sell for about $2.00. Such a small price to pay for saving a smidge of sanity.With these plugged-up ears, I can hear my own breathing, my heartbeat, and not much else....more
You might be pleased to know that earplugs come in a wide array of colors.  I discovered this ...more

Noise pollution right here at home

Oh my god. The noise. Make it stop.It's not that my son has noise-making toys that he likes to play with. I don't mind that. Or at least, I wouldn't mind it (much) if only he'd play with just one at a time....more

Things that made me smile today!

Things heard in my house this morning…..   1.      An annoying alarm clock going off extra early followed by my husband cussing and dumbfounded because he can’t remember why it is going off so early and he is still half asleep and can’t figure out how to turn it off.   2.      Screech….eeeek…screech….followed by a really loud “Crap” and a “Sorry” from my husband.  That’s when I remembered today was “Blues” Monday and the loud pitch sound that reminded me of nails on a chalk boa...more

One of "those" neighbors

Until recently, I thought I was a good neighbor. ...more

You may be "one of those neighbors" but I think it's a good thing. We can't please ...more