May I Offer You a Mocktail? Tips for "Drinking" While Preggers

When my husband and I found out we had a baby on the way it was quite a surprise!  We hadn't been trying to have a baby so we hadn't shared any intentions or efforts with friends.  It was going to be just as much a surprise to everyone around us as it was to us.  So we decided to wait until we were in the clear (after the first trimester and official 12 week ultrasound) to tell anyone - I mean ANYONE.  We literally didn't utter a word about it to anyone until the day after our doctor appointment when we had our parents over for dinner and shared the news....more

Herbed Lemonade

OHHHHHHHH You've all been so patient waiting for this, but I've finally got it all up for you! Hoooray!...more

Cocktails to Mix for Summertime Fun

Summer is, for apparent reasons, my favorite time of year. Lounging at the beach with your friends on a sunny Saturday, baseball games and barbecues on Sundays … it doesn’t get much better. Oh, wait, yes … yes, it does. Raise your glasses, because summer is also the season for wonderfully sugary and fruity alcoholic drinks. Here are some ideas for your summer imbibing. ...more

Beverly Mills

Co-author of Desperation Dinners

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A Non-Alcoholic New Year - Or: (Alcohol-)Free Drinks!

In researching these recipes, I came across a little blurb about Holiday Inn coming out with a whole line of non-alcoholic drinks that's "an industry first." Which it really is, and I've never understood why. Alcohol is not the tasty part of a drink, y'all. Most of those ingredients in fancy mixed drinks are there to mask the flavor of the alcohol. That's why it's always strong flavors like ginger or citrus or chocolate. ...more