If You Don't Have Kids, You Just Can't Know

Recently, I've read a few articles about moms dealing with rambunctious and tantrumming kids in public and getting not-so-kind reactions from non-parents in response (this one and this one, specifically). The articles are good reading, but the comments? Whoa. Almost 70 comments on the first one and over 11,000 comments on the second one....more
"You can't know the thoughts, fears, and insecurities that run through a mom's mind when her ...more

Do Working Parents Deserve First Choice on Shifts?

Working parents have a lot to juggle. So does everyone else. The question at hand is: Do working parents deserve to have first choice and priority in choosing work shifts and receiving work flexibility? According to a Canadian Court, employers are obliged to accommodate employee's child-care requests and needs. The Globe and Mail reports: ...more
I worked in a grocery store for almost 20 years, and every year I was expected to close ...more