Three 501(c)(3) Nonprofits That Make Holiday Giving Easy

Tis better to give than it is to receive. And furthermore, tis the season for giving! During the holiday season, we all love to give but a lot of us this year will have tighter pursestrings to work with when it comes to gifts for one and all. Donations to charities always make for popular giving particularly in the case of 501(c)(3) organizations of which are exempt from federal income tax....more

Michael Jackson's Legacy

Michael Jackson's children were able to keep it on the low when they volunteered at a center for the homeless in Los Angeles - because people had no idea who they are. "They just blend in there and they just want to give as much as they can to that center and other charities as well."...more

Here's the link of the video Interview of the Children and Katherine ...more

My foot foreword

I am in the process of opening a help and resource center for victims of domestic violence. This is my link explaining the project, what its about and whats needed to bring my vision alive. even if you are not in the position to help the cause.... please copy and paste the link, thats helping. Spreading the word is bringing forth awareness. Im praying eventually this post will end up on the right screen and someone else will come foreword wanting and/or capable of making a difference. I am taking one step at a time doing my part....more

Donate Baby Blankets to the Sweet Pea Project

Last week I returned home from the local beauty school getting my nasty roots taken of.  My husband said to me as soon as I breezed through the door, flipping my new, luxurious do, "I brought something home for you that I thought you might be interested in.  You should read it.  It's in the kitchen."  Hmm, "What could this be about?" was what I was thinking.   The flyer on the table read:...more
I would love to help I have had two miscarriages myself and know how it feels. The thing that ...more

The "Real" Housewives of NJ

ORBIS International: World Health Organization’s SAFE strategy

I am writing today on behalf of ORBIS International encouraging everyone to learn more about their remarkable work. ORBIS International is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to saving sight worldwide. ORBIS was established in response to one daunting fact – 75% of the people who are blind don’t have to be — they’re blind because they simply lack access to proper eye care. ...more