Ology -- Walgreens Affordable, Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Line of Products

By now most of you know that I’m a BIG proponent of going “green” on a lean budget and convenient manner.  I won’t ever suggest you go off the grid and overhaul your entire home, instead I try to offer simple, actionable steps you can take to make healthier choices for your family without going broke....more

Tutorial: Make Your Own Natural Beeswax Wood Polish

Beeswax polish is a wonderful, all natural way to preserve and protect your wooden treasures, toys and trinkets (furniture, too!).  Here's how to make your own! This is the finish we use on our wooden toys at BTRT....more
Great, its really helpful. It is natural and safe for little hands. Add it provides a ...more

Cruelty-free Halloween makeup: Get that perfect shade of ghostly gray or zombie green

Your kids can be cruelty-free little monsters this Halloween (and so can you)! ...more

Signature Nail Polish--water-based, non-toxic--Giveaway!

I am so excited to be apart of this great business, I just want to share my huge giveaway with as many people as possible. It is unbelievably fun designing fingernail polish and creating new colors and color variations daily. The following is from my new start-up's blog:...more

I Am Not a Guinea Pig (And Neither Are My Kids)

When I was a kid, my brother had guinea pigs. Fat little guys with stubby little legs that he desperately tried to train to do entertaining things like play soccer with a super ball and sniff out money (he was a little Alex P. Keaton-ish). Anyway, in my typical innocent upbringing I would never have imagined conducting toxicological tests on our little friends....more

Teething Gel Safety -- Is It Worth The Risk?

Recently, I received a comment on an article I wrote detailing natural teething tips and solutions by moms. The question asked was essentially, "What's wrong with baby Orajel?" I hadn't included Orajel and similar anesthetics like Anbusol in my list of teething remedies, but the question was a good one -- What to do when you need relief, either for your baby or yourself! ...more

The Year's Biggest Toy Giveaway Begins!

First, let me start with a few announcements. ...more