Parenting Advice from Non-Parents - Would you take it?

If there is one area in which friends or family can not offer advice, ideas or even pose open-ended questions it is usually when dealing with parents and their children. For all the non-parents out there who have ever tried to offer parent/child counsel and then found themselves staring into the eyes of a seething mother, I feel for you. Broaching the topic of parenting is as touchy as talking about religion or politics. ...more
 @JennaHatfield Yes, I agree it is good to know the children and the parents. If you have ...more

Yes, Virginia, there are nice childfree people ...

I will never be anyone’s mother in the biological, legal or fiduciary meaning of the word. But I am in the most traditional sense of the word, maternal. I know as well as any parent what it means to sacrifice willingly for a very long stretch of time. ...more

I refer the Honourable Lady to my response ...more