Filling Up My Days with Joy

I watched Everything is Copy, the documentary about Nora Ephron’s life and I can spend days quoting her charm and wit, but a line in the movie has stuck with me: “Eat your last meal when you’re alive.” She means it’s rare to know you’re eating your last meal. In jail, being executed is one of the few ways you can know it’s your last meal. Otherwise, if you’re old or sick, at the end you’re not eating at all and you could have had your last meal months ago without knowing it was your last. ...more

In Memory of Nora Ephron: A Pencil Bouquet

I find the dialogue in most chick flicks to be fluff, and outside of a feather pillow or a lightly-toasted marshmallow, I don't have much use for fluff.But lyrical dialogue? Well, it has me still holding my eyes open at two a.m., completely enthralled with a sappy movie I have watched a dozen times because of language like this:...more
styleisland BlogHer I'm not sure WHICH quote is your favorite, but I have a hard time ...more

A Tibute to Nora Ephron

May 19, 2015 – A Tibute to Nora Ephron ...more

what i wore, a mountain of life, and missing nora ephron

Last night, my best friend and I went to see the enchanting and poignant Love, Loss, and What I Wore, Nora and Delia Ephron's stage-adaptation of Ilene Beckerman's book by the same name. Like each of the five women on stage, I can peer in my wardrobe and hang on the clothes and shoes and handbags bulging from it, some of the most important moments of my life. Oh, and all my boots....more

Nora Ephron’s “I Remember...Nothing” Prompted Me to Remember

I just finished reading Nora Ephron’s “I Remember...Nothing”, and though I in every respect enjoyed the book, said to be “Breathlessly funny....” by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, (and I agree because I did laugh at some points), I nonetheless poured tears throughout the book; I guess I found the hidden sadness. And much of how she viewed life, I found I can relate.I relate (from page 45, My Aruba) to having spent the entire work-day smiling with spinach on my teeth and no-one, not my so-called workmates, had the decency to point it out....more
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Nora Ephron's Cheesecake

Well the other day I was searching for something festive to whip up, when suddenly I knew that it was time to bake one for Nora. Known to most as one of the bright lights of Hollywood, in my mind she’s always been that chick just a few years older than me who was actually a writer getting treated like an equal on the pages of Esquire magazine, way back in 1973.......more

In Honor of Nora Ephron...with thanks to Dove

In Honor of Nora Ephron…with thanks to Dove. ...more

I'll Have What She's Having

I will miss Nora Ephron. She made my porn. For me, half the fun of going to the movies is to see the set decoration. I have always wanted to sip a sloe gin fizz in the bar owned by Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca." I have dreamed about whipping up a vat of spaghetti Bolognese in the kitchen at the ranch owned by Brian Keith in "Parent Trap." If anyone knows where I can get my hands on the bathrobe that Kathryn Hepburn wore in "Adam's Rib", for Heaven's sake, let me know immediately. ...more

Life Lessons: The Incredible Legacy of Nora Ephron (1941-2012)

Nora Ephron, prolific storyteller, passed away at 71 from complications with Leukemia, her publisher announced today. You knew Nora....more
How wonderful to have met her firsthand. I didn't, but she of course affected me anyway. I am ...more