Zoe vs. the Easter Bunny

The Batman and the Joker. Rocky and Apollo Creed. Dora and Swiper. To this list of well-known adversaries, we can now add Zoe and the Easter Bunny. They met on a grassy field of battle. Strewn with the pastel remnants of plastic eggs. Only one could triumph.  If you defined triumph as throwing a fit then getting sleepy. In that case, Zoe triumphed all over the place. ...more

I Slept With Him For Years For Fear Of Being Alone

He came into my life at a time when I needed him most and without a second thought I clung to him for many a night. It wasn't like we had a relationship, the kind where you want to spend every waking moment together. It wasn't like we would get lost in conversation, uncovering deep-seated feelings that connected us on an emotional level. We didn't go to dinner. We didn't catch a movie. We never went out - were never seen in public....more