Today's Normal, Tomorrow's Abnormal

Today's Normal is Tomorrow's Abnormal Though I'm nowhere near this s...more

Unintentional Normalcy

I love newly-minted college art students. The archetype of a college art class never fails to fulfill the mold in its entirety, with the bulk of its form being made up of those gut-wrenchingly endearing weirdos. Those on a never-ending race to be the weirdest of the weird. The ones that started weird in High School and take it as an opportunity to capitalize on their weirdness, with the idea that whomsoever wears their cat ears or their black eyeliner the hardest becomes the actualization of that mentality. And in turn, art itself. ...more

I Am Normal

Two years ago today. I am normal! I’ve been released to general population!Yeah. We saw how well that went. Two loops later around the sun on this roller coaster and I’ve realized I am normal.Normal is a state of mind.Normal is needles – injections, blood tests, CBCs, glucose levels, HCG, infections....more

Not Normal

I have been dwelling on normal lately. I keep thinking of all the ways I’m not “normal”. Here is a list of the not normal things about me as a 50 year old woman that pop in my head:...more
I think the only one I can't get behind on your list is watching golf on tv ;) I think everyone ...more

Down syndrome - A normal life.

As I've mentioned on my blog before, when I was about 11 weeks pregnant, we learned that Ellie has Down syndrome.  I started working on a scrapbook of ultrasound pictures and cards for our little girl.  When we had maternity photos taken, we held the scrapbook in several shots.  On Ellie's one month birthday, the weather was sunny and we spent some time hanging out on the porch.  I read, Ellie napped.  And then, I decided that since the sun was shining, I wanted to take more pho...more

What a beautiful little girl. Just beautiful!

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To Be, or Not, Normal

The following personal essay was written August 21, 2002 as part of a series called "From the Kore" that was published in my church's bulletin/newsletter-thing. I was 17, and not yet diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, so I attributed a lot to my diagnosis of ADD and to personal preference.At this time, I speak of peer pressure in context of doing drugs, smoking, and other public-service-announcement type of illegal activities that I considered Very Bad Things....more

Casual Fridays


The Last 20years of Being Nothing Short of Sorta Normal

As I left the mailbox and ripped open an envelop with a familiar address, I had become nervous and a little anxious at what I was about to read. It's wasn't like it was a notice from Publisher's Clearing House stating that I had won 10 million dollars and it wasn't like it were some obscure collector that wanted me to pay for the sins of my father's father but this letter made me jittery. What was it? ...more