What We Must See: After War in Sri Lanka

They got married in 1990 and were leading a normal life. Both husband and wife used to make sweet called “Muscat” and sell it for survival. But after they got injured, they have become immobile. Jeyarubi Jeyalingam crawls on the ground and grass to move around. Her husband, Selvaratnam Jeyalingam, has a wooden clutch to support. ...more

My thoughts are strongly with this family. I ended up at a train station in Agra, India. The ...more

North West Passage

North by North West...the Arctic is melting..OH NO...the Arctic is melting.OH NO....But only in the summer time.   And what do you suppose??  The North west Passage is opening up, just what Marco Polo (13th centur) and Hudson (of the Hudson Bay expedition) was looking for the the 1600s.  They heard about the Northwest Passage from years ago..during the middle ages 1000AD? the Vikings settled in Greenland (yes, the land was GREEN at that time) with sheep and goats, feeding on the greens hills of GREENLAND....more