The Compass Rose: Kindred Spirits

by Ainslie Jones Uhl(read the entire Compass Rose series here)...more

Shaniya Davis, Dead at 5, a Story Nearly as Ugly as the Movie Precious

CNN and bloggers report that the body of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis of Fayetteville, NC, has been found. Earlier today 200 people searched for the child's body after police received a tip that she was dead, say news sources. ...more
Everything has to be race related these days... Why is that? This poor, defenseless, beautiful ...more

The Compass Rose: Dealing with the DMV and Other Tales

by Ainslie Jones Uhl...more

The Compass Rose: Living Incognito

by Ainslie Jones Uhl ...more

Register Today!

Welcome Ladies- The North Carolina Conference for Women needs you! The conference is an annual event for women from all across the state of North Carolina to come together and enjoy an exciting day filled with inspiration and timely issues that are of imporantance to women. The conference will be held at the Charlotte Convention Center on January 28, 2009.   Registration is now open! Check out for further details!   ...more

President Obama and North Carolina

Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States and North Carolina has not yet been called. Mecklenberg county (Charlotte) is still processing votes and Buncombe County is having computer problems and is not yet reported. According to the Citizen Times newspaper Buncombe has gone for Obama in numbers that may be big enough to turn this state blue. We will likely not know for sure until later tonight or even tomorrow. ...more

So this is it

Really. This is it.  In a few short hours the polls will open in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire and its population will begin casting their votes.  This will continue throughout the country for the rest of the day and night in the United States until all who have registered and arrived at the polls have finished.  There will be long lines and bad weather and people will be late for work.  By 7 p.m. EST the pundits will begin to project the winner of the presidential election as well as thousands of other offices from Senator to school board. ...more

North Carolina Students Not Allowed to Vote

Even with voter registration cards in hand students are not being allowed to vote ...more

Why won't Elizabeth Dole, or anyone, act to pull the Obama "Extreme" ad in NC?

Last week, Pam Spaulding at Pam's House Blend delivered a petition on behalf of her readers and those at BlueNC and FireDogLake to North Carolina's Senior Senator, Elizabeth Dole. ...more

scary ad indeed. i'm riled up with you, even if no one in power is. shakes head. doesn't help ...more

BlogHers in Blogsboro - Converge South 2007

I just got off of I-95, returning from the Converge South conference on the campus of North Carolina A & T University, an historically black university in Greensboro, North Carolina - a city that will be a stop on the BlogHer 2008 Reach Out Tour. ...more