Is Jesus Really Odin or Balder? A historical theory

Yesterday an intriguing archaeological report appeared on my facebook wall.  My initial reaction was both interest and a bit of disgust.  The report does, after all, refer to the native Norweigan religion as a "cult" and Norweigan religous iconography as "idols," judgemental terms at best.  The report describes a recent discovery of an intentionally preserved Norweigan temple used in the 5th through 11th centuries which is we...more
Interesting. I haven't read up on christus vs. chrestus but I plan to.  What are your thoughts ...more

On Norway, My Heritage and Innocence Lost

It’s been nearly a month since Anders Behring Breivik wreaked havoc in Oslo and Utoeya island. And while the rest of the world has moved on to the next headline, Norway, and those who love it, have just begun to develop a measured response. I mourn the Norway of my childhood, the birthplace my mother....more
"... if a fully realized multi-cultural society cannot succeed in Norway, with its vast riches, ...more

Norway's Alleged Bomber and the Dangers of Racial Profiling

The bombing and shootings in Norway made me remember an experience I had with racial profiling in 2003, when I worked at an airport kiosk and encountered a Norwegian man taking pictures of workers loading a passenger plane. I wrote about the incident at my old blog, Confessions of a Jersey Goddess, in 2007. ...more

No One Chooses To Be A Psychopath

bridget No One Chooses To Be A Psychopath     This is not the sort of thing I normally post about, but recent events and the reactions to them have gotten me thinking. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the news, especially when you can’t get away from it. All you have to do is turn on your computer and there it is. It seems there is a new tragedy around every corner and more often than not people jump at the chance to villainize the perpetrator. It’s as though by doing so, we can assure ourselves that we aren’t like them....more

Today we are all Norwegian

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Norway after the unimaginable tragedy Friday--the bombing in Olso and the massacre at the youth camp....more

Norway: Activities

Maybe you're sick of reading about my trip to Norway yet, but I'm not yet sick of talking about it! Just one more recap and then I'm back to regularly scheduled (or irregularly scheduled as the case may be) blogging....more

The City of Oslo in Pictures

lick on images for location...more

Exploring Norway by Train, Boat, and Bus

Everyone’s been asking me the million dollar question: “Why Norway?” True, seeing Scandinavia has been on my bucket list since Joan Lunden, Charlie Gibson, and Spencer Christian went there back in ‘97 but the true reason is that I caught wind of a great deal on the flight through Scandinavian Air and the next day I found myself with two tickets to the hinterlands. So, I guess “why Norway?” is more like a $900 question....more

Norway: The Food

I'm a vegan for Lent. Or, I was until I boarded the plane for Norway. I figured that eating vegan in Norway was going to be tough but I really had no idea how tough. After asking for a vegetarian meal on Scandinavian airlines and being given a fish dish instead I was quick to throw my hands up in the air and give myself a week long hiatus from Lent. Given the proximity to sea and the farming practices of the country, which are primarily livestock and feed grains, you can bet there was lots of dairy, meat, and fish to be eaten....more

Norway in March

I am back from a much needed spring break vacation with my husband. When we were waiting for the first of many flights at the Detroit airport my husband, sick with a cold, and me, bogged by stress, were both wishing that we booked a vacation someplace warm with white sand beaches and pink sunsets and drinks with little umbrellas. Someplace that normal people go as the winter is winding down. But instead, we went to Norway. Norway....more