When Did I Become The Nosey Neighbour??

  Honestly, I'd really like to know. We moved into our neighbourhood about five years ago. It's your typical first home sort of area. Lots of town homes amongst some single family homes....more
 @Jenn_Parker LOL. I take the Christmas lights down exactly the day after New Years. However, ...more

The Leaning Sukkah of Flores

Today on CluelessMe.com I am going to walk you through what happens when the Flores Family attempts to make this for the first time: ...more

Hasta La Vista, Neighbors!

BIG NEWS PEOPLE! Words cannot express the supreme level of bliss my husband and I have been experiencing for the past week! *Sighs loudly and even more annoyingly than ever before* Why am I so happy?!?! THE NEIGHBORS HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING! (Literally!) No more groups of little kids stomping and screaming above us when they should be in bed, and instead their parents let them play an indoor game of tag! ...more

Strike Three, You're Out!

I know you're all familiar with what it's like for my husband and me to live beneath what can only be defined as "the neighbors from hell." Well, this week's neighborly adventures takes the cake! ...more