My 1970s childhood memories

Inspired by NaBloPoMo writing prompt for Monday, July 7, 2014: Which former decade do you wish you could time travel and visit? Why? ...more
marisab Thanks for sharing your memories - love it! :)more

Eating breakfast for dinner

I'm guessing I was not all that different from most kids in this regard, but the first words from my mouth when I bounded into the house after school were usually, "What's for dinner?" On the very odd occasion, my heart was filled with dread because my mom's quiet answer to my question was simply, "Meat." See, I knew that if we were having chicken, she'd say chicken. If she'd made a roast, she'd tell me we were having roast beef. But if she said "meat" - oh, the horror! - I knew the feature at dinner that night would be my worst nightmare: liver. ...more

So, why the typewriters?

If you've taken a look at my blog's layout, you might have noticed that I have a bit of a "thing" for vintage typewriters (as an aside, I suppose it's valid to say that all typewriters are vintage, right?!). So, why the typewriters? ...more

They Told Me This Would Happen

I am sitting in a state of shock.  I'm not quite sure how this happened so suddenly.As of today I have a teenager.(Sob)...more

Has Blogging Lost Her Soul?

As BlogHer approaches its big 10th year conference in San Jose, long-time bloggers, including many who attended the first conference in 2005, are reflecting on a decade of creativity and community. Most agree on this— blogging has brought us the joy of expression and community. It has given us opportunities, broadened our horizons, and introduced us to life-long friends. But behind the scenes, in emails and in private Facebook groups, we are whispering the other side of the story. Blogging has lost something. Blogging has lost her soul....more
Blogging Does have a soul....and a soul is all that's needed to keep going.  There are people ...more

Nostalgia: The Christmas Mixing Bowl

If you were to sneak a peek into our kitchen cupboards you would find - amongst the utilitarian nesting stainless mixing bowls, the variously-sized modern black stoneware stove-to-table bowls, and the ornate glass serving bowls - a well-used, scratched and worn, slightly-yellowed white plastic bowl from days gone by. This plastic bowl was manufactured at some point in either the late 1960s or early 70s - long before any kind of knowledge of leaching chemical toxicity had seeped into the awareness of the general public, long before the need for dishwasher- or microwave-safety standards. ...more

Childhood Christmas Nostalgia

As I was sipping a cup of Silk Road's "Spicy Mandarin" tea, I realized that my memories of Christmas past and dreams of Christmases present and future are inextricably linked to the scents and flavours of the holiday season. ...more

Winter Nostalgia

Rushing around doing All The Things and getting ready to attend a Christmas party this evening, so today it's just a quick post in the form of a photo share... one of my favourites from a winter long ago. ...more

To Lie or Not to Lie - The Santa Dilemma

I grew up in a house where there was absolutely nothing and no one worse than a liar.  Every crime is substantially worsened by the commitment of a lie to hide your responsibility....more