On Having or Not Having Kids

Yesterday, my friend posted an article on Facebook about things people say when they hear somebody does not want to have kids. It's humorously written, but it brings out a serious issue - people find it so impossible to respect...more
What a great post! Now, if only more people that I know thought like you...!more

The Occupy Movement

There seems to be a new Occupy movement taking place across the country. It feels like those taking place in the movement are definitely 99% of the population too.I’ve dubbed this movement “Occupy Uterus”....more

Can We Talk About NOT Having Kids?!

No one really wants to talk about it; not having children. Society just isn’t built for the discussion of the absence of children, I suppose. Instead, society glorifies the family structure at every turn; the media, popular television, the tax system. It’s set up to entice citizens to have children, and it works pretty well. I was once among those who assumed that I was going to have children--that I wanted to have children. That was, until I got married. ...more