Who's Spinsterlicious? We Are. And We're Everywhere!

A few weeks ago, I posted a survey so I could get to know the readers of my The Spinsterlicious Life blog better.   As an incentive to get you to participate, we offered a first, second, and third place prize.  Response was tremendous, so many thanks to all of you who participated.  And just in case you’re now rolling your eyes because you don’t think reading survey results is a good use of your time, you’re wrong!  They’re pretty interesting.  I promise. We are a super-interesting bunch!...more

Why I'm Not Married

Why I'm Not Married There are a number of reasons for which I am not married but my own bag of issues will be saved for a later date, perhaps with a nice candle and Michael Bolton streaming in the background. Or Kenny G....more

Why It's Great To Be Single!

You know what’s funny to me? I can’t count how many times married couples have told me, “Do NOT get married!”. While the married people are bitching about being married, the single people are bitching about being single. Each of them think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I think that single people want to get married because they feel as if they are missing out on something, and married people want to be single because they know they are missing out on something. Crazy, eh? ...more

Everyone should stay single till they are at peace with themselves and know what they want ...more