Should a Pre-K Teacher Be Disciplined for Sending Home Letters About Her Students' Hygiene?

A Buffalo teacher sent home a note with her pre-kindergarten students and mayhem ensued. The Buffalo School District has filed disciplinary action against the teacher, Ms. Sharon Dunnigan, and the parents of the pre-kindergarten students have lashed out at the "offensive" note. The note read: URGENT NOTICE!!! PLEASE READ ...more
The only problem I see with this was her wording, that second paragraph IS a disciplinary action ...more

Teacher Appreciation Week

"The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book." - Author unknown Teacher Appreciation Week is a chance to honor educators who not only teach the ABCs and 123s, but who also nurture our children and help shape their futures. This year it is being celebrated May 2-6.  There are many gifts you can buy or make for your children's teachers....more

Note To My Sixteen Year Old Self

I will often say no when asked if I would go back to being 16 again.  However, I think I might change that to a yes.  Not go back to re-live the glory days, such as they were, but more to make things easier for the years ahead.  More understandable.  So, what would I go back and tell my sixteen year old self?...more