The Big Book of Everything - and how to use it

I've been known to be a paper lover ever since I was born. That I've turned into a real notebook addict didn't came as a surprise for anyone. My love for all things that fall into the category office supplies is a genetic thingie, put there by my father who still has a thing for fountain pens and good paper to write on....more
Denise Thank you Denise. The main problem indeed is sticking with something, and I think this ...more

Shopping at home for fun and savings!

At the end of my last post, I mentioned shopping around my bookcases for books which I either hadn’t read or wanted to reread and then treating them as new purchases. This is part of a new frugal initiative I’m trying out—shopping at home. The premise is simple: I have lots of stuff. I bought that stuff for a reason. Therefore, I’ll probably enjoy most things I discover. ...more

Bawling in the Giant....

I don't think I've done that in 2 years, not since I worked through most of my major depression. Back then I used to cry for hours at a time and sometimes in public. Now it's more like minor/medium depression, manageable with no crying. But today was a special case. As you can see from my posts, the work week hasn't been hellish or anything but it's been difficult. I've had a lot of emotional, physical, and even spiritual energy drained by trying to learn all these new things and to excel. All that landed on my head today when I got sick. ...more