Present Day Fun: CONVERGENCE

After 10 years of college and graduate school, it was only fairly difficult to sit in a room full of people learning to answer the phone. The consulting firm had just landed a huge contract, providing customer service support for the National Mortgage Settlement Act, and although tedious, I hadn’t had a job in months - save for cleaning and shoveling at my apartment complex for free rent....more

Moar Chapter Seven

It was a strange phone call by anyone’s standards. She had gotten to know the caller, and her daughter, through Steven’s best friend, Ron, whom he stayed with in California.  She identified herself as Darla, and asked how Margie was.“I’m doing okay.”“That’s good.  You’re probably surprised to hear from me.”“Honestly, yes.  I haven’t spoken with Steven in months.”Margie went on to explain how their relationship began to devolve....more

Chapter Seven

The aroma of Natural Green disinfectant wafted past her as Margie opened the door of the little bungalow. Ruby was in her usual spot, a broken down recliner-slash-rocker, covered in crushed purple velveteen upholstery that was most likely soaked in the stuff. Margie dreaded what was to come. After changing the old woman's dressings for the past two weeks, she'd become adept at keeping the nausea away, choking back the dry heaves, as she tried making a whole-hearted attempt at keeping her wounds clean....more

book review: the boy in the suitcase

i recently finished the boy in the suitcase by lene kaaberbol and agnete friis and was excitingly pleased with how well written the novel was. the writing style is reminiscent of the girl who played with fire series – heavily intertwining both english and scandinavian phrases and backdrops. i picked out the novel via a sale on my kindle! woot! and was excited to read such a great thriller....more

To Publish or Not to Publish

Q. Tell us about a blog post that you didn't publish.A. I think very carefully about who reads my blogs, so I always publish what I write.  I do edit a lot.  Sometimes, I delete entire paragraphs of thought because I don't want to embarrass my family.  When I journal to myself, I can write without censorship or repercussions.  I can unload all my emotions.  ...more

Book Tour & GIVEAWAY - Cross The Ocean By Holly Bush

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ <...more

It's Official

I have a novel coming out! This crazy, decades-long dream of mine is becoming a reality, just like that. My awesome agent, Harvey Klinger, who expertly and kindly helped me shape my book, by showing me what unnecessary sections to cut, where to deepen characters, where to tighten the action, gave me the best Mother's Day gift by pronouncing my novel ready for submission to publishers. Two weeks later, I had a book deal....more

The Call

It happened today. I got the call. Writers talk about "getting the call" like it's some mythical thing, a fairy godmother moment when all of your dreams magically come true. Because it is....more

Wedging in the practice

Write, write, write, they say....more

Location, location, location

I know that BlogHer is not a specific-for-novelist site, yeah, I know. But for the love of all gods and goddesses of teH interwebz, why, oh why, don't they have a writing category? I mean, yeah, we're all doing it here - writing. But there are writing for blogs, articles, speeches, novels, thesis.. all of which have different characteristics, different methods, different grammaticals, different everything! Anyway, back to writing. Mine....more