I Went to the Woods

The Underside of Joy is my debut novel. But I have been writing fiction for decades, ever since I graduated with a degree in journalism and promptly realized that what I really wanted to do was make things up. I took a lot of workshops, wrote short stories, wrote a novel, wrote another novel, then wrote yet another. I worked as a copywriter, writing advertising and marketing and coming up with taglines for everything from potting soil to cities. I helped raise four incredible kids. I was married, divorced, a single mom for six years. I married again and became a stepmom. In between and around all of that, I kept writing fiction. I’ve even been known to write on the edges of napkins at Chuck E. Cheese. ...more
I cannot imagine luxury of having a place to think and dream and write in solitude, especially a ...more

Sinking Into Kim Edwards' The Lake of Dreams

Kim Edwards' latest novel, The Lake of Dreams, deals with things that as writers and readers we find so fascinating. It is a novel of family and dreams. It asks us to consider how the past shapes who we are and how we're supposed to find out who we're meant to be. ...more
Loved The Memory Keeper's Daughter. So glad I came across this blog, I didn't know Kim Edwards ...more

(EXCERPT) The Lake of Dreams

If you haven't had a chance to pick up a copy of BlogHer Book Club's pick The Lake of Dreams, here's an excerpt to get you started. ...more
@StealthMountain Oops! Need another coffee! I just can't win everyone is a critic these days :Pmore

(Interview) Margaret Dilloway Talks to BlogHer

We recently caught up with BlogHer Book Club author Margaret Dilloway about her novel How to Be an American Housewife. Here's what she had to say about her novel, her favorite English class and we even wrangled a little bit out of her about her next book....more
I so enjoyed your book Margaret, and look forward to reading your next novel. :)more

(EXCERPT) How to Be an American Housewife

If you haven't had a chance to pick up a copy of BlogHer Book Club's October pick, How to Be an American Housewife, here's an excerpt to get you started....more

Sam Dawson: And Megan the Teletubby

Looks like you might need some more time before you're ready to jump in and choose an alternative ending.  Here's some more story while we patiently wait!Chapter 4 (con't)...more

Get to Know Author Amor Towles

Amor Towles is the author of Rules of Civility. Mr. Towles is an ardent fan of early 20th century painting, 1950’s jazz, 1970’s cop shows, rock & roll on vinyl, obsolete accessories, manifestoes, breakfast pastries, pasta, liquor, snow-days, Tuscany, Provence, Disneyland, Hollywood, the cast of Casablanca, 007, Captain Kirk, Bob Dylan (early, mid, and late phases), the wee hours, card games, cafés, and the cookies made by both of his grandmothers. His only other published work is a short story cycle called “The Temptations of Pleasure” published in 1989 in Paris Review 112....more

No Muse, yet.

I need brain stimulation.My Writing Muse has not completely returned yet. Or rather, he'd returned, with gazillion ideas he's dumping haphazardly out of his vacation suitcase. I think I'll just place him in the corner somewhere until he can arrange those ideas to something that's actually comprehensive. ...more

Book Review - The Boy at the End of the World by Greg van Eekhout

Because the Internet is Awesome™ (more on this later) I have had a chance to read an Advanced Reader Copy of the forthcoming MG sci-fi novel The Boy at the End of the World by Greg van Eekhout....more
I have no idea how I found this book at this point in time but I'm reading it now and LOVING it.more

Wicked Good - Did Sherlock Holmes have Asperger's syndrome?

     In 1887, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced the world to an isolated, socially-awkward and eccentric man named Sherlock Holmes. Under Conan Doyle’s pen, Holmes was obsessive and compulsive. He didn’t seem to have conversations but rather single-minded discourses. He had no friends other than the dedicated Watson.     Could it be, as others have suggested, that Holmes had Asperger’s syndrome?...more