Book Review - The Boy at the End of the World by Greg van Eekhout

Because the Internet is Awesome™ (more on this later) I have had a chance to read an Advanced Reader Copy of the forthcoming MG sci-fi novel The Boy at the End of the World by Greg van Eekhout....more
I have no idea how I found this book at this point in time but I'm reading it now and LOVING it.more

Wicked Good - Did Sherlock Holmes have Asperger's syndrome?

     In 1887, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced the world to an isolated, socially-awkward and eccentric man named Sherlock Holmes. Under Conan Doyle’s pen, Holmes was obsessive and compulsive. He didn’t seem to have conversations but rather single-minded discourses. He had no friends other than the dedicated Watson.     Could it be, as others have suggested, that Holmes had Asperger’s syndrome?...more

Spilled Milk, Broken Vases, and Misplaced Treasures “Conclusion”

February 6, 2058, Adler and Dulcenia Havnejgerde talked long into the night. Together the old couple lay holding hands—shoulder to shoulder, feet touching and toes wiggling—in their huge four-poster, king-size canopy bed. Both so frail and thin that they just about disappeared from within the thick comforter and many pillows. And with only the light of the moon shining through their great window, they talked about the day’s celebration, as they listened to the drifting, fading sounds closing the day....more

SPILLED MILK… cont. “Leaving A Broken Past Behind and Starting Anew”

Young Canela’s heart was broken when she was given the news that she had to leave the convent to go back home—back to an unhappy life—though she begged and pleaded with the nuns to let her stay. She was reminded that her place was at home, at her mother’s side, helping with the baby. And yet she didn’t feel resentment when baby Armando first arrived home. Upon seeing his innocent little face her heart melted and swelled with love. At last, someone soon to play with.   “A home built with mortar and brick and love...more

SPILLED MILK… cont. “Some Memories Are Better Wished Forgotten”

Dulcenia and Little Fredo were counting down the hours to their mother’s return from America. And Canela, too, was most anxious to get back to her children in San Salvador. She’d been gone nearly three months now—months of worrying and feeling helpless—and sitting on the plane now, alone, she remembered things she wished she’d forgotten; of a time when she was just a young girl of seven, and Margarita had locked her in a room for an entire day, with no light, no food, no water, and no one to talk to. On this account, she has worried for Dulcenia, too.  ...more

SPILLED MILK… cont. “Canela Finds Love in America, and a Husband”

“I didn’t mean to be gone for so long in America,” Canela would later tell young Dulcenia and Little Fredo, apologizing for her delay in the U.S.A... But many years later, when her children were old enough to understand, she would also tell them everything, about [why] her trip to the United States with her brother Armando was so important, and of her unhappy marriage to their abusive father, and of her very sad and lonely childhood, growing up in San Salvador, El Salvador....more

SPILLED MILK… “Like Mother Was Treated, So Daughter Too” Part 2

Because Dulcenia had again wet her bed, she was punished, like a common criminal, to kneel on the hard marble floor in the hallway; and with little hands she balanced a washtub filled with water atop her head. And even though the tub was made of mere tin, filled with water, it was 100-pounds to a small child of seven. She trembled with exhaustion, desperately trying not to move lest she spilled water. For spilling, even a drop, meant a stinging blow with a twig to her buttocks....more

Wicked Good - our first royalty check and other good news

      We received our first royalty check. It's not much but to us it's millions. To see it, go to our blog at ...more

SPILLED MILK… continues “Like Mother Was Treated, So Daughter Too”

They’d reached the room of discipline, and Margarita took out heavy keys from her pocket and searched for the one that would fit to open the door, all the while Canela tugged and pulled on her arm in a futile effort to get away. Alas Margarita found the key that fit. She opened the rusty-sounding door and pushed Canela with a very hard shove, and with a heavy thump Canela landed on boxes. And just as quickly Margarita closed the door and locked it, imprisoning her own daughter....more

SPILLED MILK… continues “Poor, Sad Rich Girl, Feeling Unloved?”

Canela would later regret ever having left her children in her mother’s charge, ignoring her heart’s warning against leaving them—more specifically, she feared for Dulcenia’s treatment at her mother’s hand. She’d never forget how she, herself, had suffered at the hands of her own mother as a child. And Margarita had not changed—a woman veiled by beauty, but a beast at heart.   “Brown sugar and spice,  Sprinkled on toast with butter is nice....more