SPILLED MILK… continues “An Old Woman’s Childhood Memories”

For Dulcenia and Little Fredo, living life in San Salvador, El Salvador, far from the woes of yesterday in Managua, Nicaragua, each day was no different from the one before. What was to worry? What to complain? They were safe; they had a warm bed to sleep in, and their bellies now never went empty. There was no longer a reason to fear the dark. But sadly, life cannot ever remain as is. Changes happen.   “Dream today a hope for tomorrow,...more

Wicked Good - update

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SPILLED MILK… continues “Spare the Rod, Spoil Rotten Tío Armando”

Armando, Canela’s younger [half] brother, was considered a very strikingly handsome man, with perfectly chiseled features, blond hair, piercing blue eyes and fair skin, and uncommonly tall. And because he was the son of rich Socialites, his father a diplomat—then the standing Treasurer of the country of El Salvador—it obviously made this [very spoiled] young man a “real catch,” and always worth the chase, according to the many young ladies throwing themselves at him....more

Spilled Milk, Broken Vases… cont. “From Nicaragua to Life in El Salvador”

“Is that the plane now, Mami? Are Mayo and Little Fredo on it?” young Dulcenia asked Canela, bouncing up and down, anxiously awaiting her brothers’ arrival. And then she’d jump into her mother’s arms—the whole time squirming, making it impossible for Canela to comfortably hold her. And she’d put on a significant amount of weight since first arriving, so Canela put her down, making her wait on her own two, little pitter-patter feet....more

Wicked Good -author photo

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Spilled Milk, Broken Vases… “Living Life in San Salvador, El Salvador”

With nowhere else to go, and no-one else to turn to, young Dulcenia and Canela stayed on, living in San Salvador, El Salvador, in Margarita’s home, a woman alienated from those that would truly love her, detached from maternal love—at least with her daughter Canela. And under Margarita’s unquestioned authority, Dulcenia and Canela did manage to survive, as submissive, silent shadows....more

Spilled Milk, Broken Vases… “Home in San Salvador, El Salvador” part 2

Margarita greeted them with open coolness—warmth reserved—gave Canela an obligatory hug that would have persuaded a stranger to turn around and run out the door, and spoke the common pleasantries of a diplomatic stranger, “So…you look thin, a bit tired, but otherwise well,” an understatement, to be sure. And then she tilted her eyes down and looked upon Canela’s—in-awe—little package. “I assume this here must be your daughter,” she said, matter-of-factly....more

Spilled Milk, Broken Vases… cont. “Home in San Salvador, El Salvador”

On the night that Canela and Dulcenia arrived in San Salvador, El Salvador, they were met by Margarita’s personal chauffeur, at a crowded and dirty bus station just like they’d left only hours before. Standing next to a big, fancy black car, he stood handsome and elegant, looking very much like a proud soldier: shoulders erect and head held high. He wore a black uniform—jacket lined with rows of shiny bronze buttons—and cap....more

Wicked Good - blogtalkradio spot

Hi Everyone,Just did radio spot on blogtalkradio. We talked about our novel, Wicked Good. It was a blast. If you want to listen, go tohttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/gelatisscoop/2011/04/22/joanne-lewis-co-author-of-wicked-good-stops-byHave a great weekend.Amy and Joannewww.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.comamyandjoanne@gmail.com...more

Spilled Milk, Broken Vases… “The Day of Reckoning” continues

Canela and Dulcenia sat in the back of the dirty, acrid smelling, rickety bus, filled with all sorts of strange-looking people, and all staring with inquisitive eyes. Canela’s hands were sweating, but she would not release the lock-hold she had on Dulcenia. They sat practically frozen with fear; their hands glued together, anxiously waiting to feel the bus move and know they’ve made some distance.   “Accept today whatever the outcome is tomorrow  And know that every day is a new beginning...more