"Ender's Game" Is My Favorite Book But the Author Disappointed Me

When I first came across Ender's Shadow, I fell head over heels. It was young, it was dystopian, it was brilliant. It was one of the first books that made me think about how I acted, how people around me acted. It stayed with me for weeks after I put it down. Science fiction, tactics, reflections of historical entities...and then I realized it had a series. A prequel. Ender's Game sits proudly on our shelf at home (we have two copies!). ...more
Oh no! That is disappointing news. It's a dealbreaker of an issue for me too, in terms of being ...more

Get to Know Author Margaret Dilloway

BlogHer Book Club is reading Margaret Dilloway's latest novel, How to Be an American Housewife. Here's more about Margaret! ...more

How the Publishing Industry Gives Me Hope for the Body Acceptance Movement

Do you ever feel like you’re in someway compelled to do things the hard way?I do. All the time.I mean, I could, for instance, still be a drug court counselor. It was a good job that lots of people would be happy to have. I was good at it. Or, for that matter, I could still be a newspaper reporter, or a teacher, or a bankruptcy preparer. All of those jobs were stable. They provided an income. They fulfilled my need to do something worthwhile.But no....more

Looking for other Writers

Just having come off of a Writer's Conference here in Aspen, I am having a difficult time committing to this blogging conference, a conference that I fully regretted not attending last year but it was just the beginning of my blogging career and I felt that I was not yet ready to immerse myself into thousands of other more established bloggers and pitch myself confidently.Now, one year later I wonder if this is truly the path that I shoudl be following or whether I should be focusing my attention on writer's conferences instead as my blog is merely a platform for my writing....more

Would love to go to a blogging conference! But from Australia, it's a little far. Good luck on ...more

Angela Jackson: Full of Grace

by Adrienne Samuels Gibbs...more

A Novelist's View

How many people read a book today?  I'd make a guess,but the number would be so low that it could prove embarrassing for the nation.  I know people are reading the web, blogs, surfing for techie items, playing games, posting on Twitter.  I know they're watching TV, cooking dinner, bathing, driving, working, and kissing the baby.  But not many of them are reading a novel.  Novel reading has become an activity akin to letter writing.  It's terribly old-fashioned.  There are too many distractions.  Too much to do. ...more

Always nice to meet a fellow pessimist.

If you haven't read any book blogs, you definitely ...more

Confessions of an Insomniac: When I grow up

I know what I want to be when I grow up … I gave it some serious thought and consideration. In reality, the decision may have only taken about 10 minutes; however, my mind was moving in slow motion trying to grasp every detail of my new life. Read the rest of the entry >> ...more