Lk. 6:20-26...more

Now. How do you come?

For a long time I’ve been working on this whole principle of being in the “now” and I really understand why this is a good practice to keep.For me to achieve this state of being I must be steady in myself.  Calm.   Aware of where I am and exactly who I am.  I must become ‘the witness’ that all the gurus and teachers speak of.  Seeing the world around me and me in it.I begin to appreciate the little things and take note of color and texture and sensation.  I absorb myself in the moment I am in....more

Living in the Now

Jn. 12:1-11, Mark 16:1-8The woman was extravagant with her gift to Jesus, but she new that what was important is the now, the present--because Jesus was going to die. Money is always about the future, but she translated in the now. People have a hard time understanding why I do not "plan for the future", as such--it is simply all we have is now, and what is at hand; That is the message of Mark 16:1-8--Jesus is alive, NOW, and we are to follow him NOW....more

If Not Now...Then When?

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A Culture War Against Conservative Women

Injecting conservative values into the cultural mainstream is a battle, especially for women’s issues in popular, female-geared media like magazines. Liberal ideology has attracted the female presidential vote—and the female magazine—for years. For most of these crusaders and publications, “women’s issues” comes down to one issue: abortion. ...more
Call it what you want... But delivering all but the baby's head, then stabbing that baby at the ...more

Feminist Extraordinaire Eleanor Smeal

One of the most inspirational women I’ve ever met is Eleanor Smeal. She has arguably done more to advance the status of women in the United States than any other single individual in the last 50 years. The former president of the National Organization for Women and the founder of The Feminist Majority, Smeal has never received nearly as much credit as she deserves. ...more

Couponers get such a bad rap, it's nice of you to say out loud that you're a fan. ...more

Hooters is Dangerous to Women, Children, and Owls

Looking for a great place to take the feminist family for a holiday meal, plus pick up some hilarious gifts for the kiddies? I’ve got the perfect place - Hooters. Seriously! According to Hooters Facts, 32% of Hooters management is female. Plus, they’ve donated $2 million to the V Foundation for Cancer Research in honor of “former Hooters Calendar Girl and manager, Kelly Jo Dowd, who passed away from the disease in 2006.” ...more

I have seen men and boys (mildly, such as a single inappropriate grab) physically harass ...more

Ada Lovelace Day: Honoring our Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives,Friends, Neighbors, Teachers, Mentors and other Women Who Tech

How do you define a role model in the category "women who tech?" Conversations about this and what comprises noteworthy examples abound: ...more

That's why I'm committing myself to writing bout one a week til 3/24/09, Ada Lovelace Day ...more

Podcast: PunditMom talks to Eleanor Smeal about Clinton's replacement

The pundits continue to chew on the question of who will take Hillary Clinton's Senate seat if, and when, she is confirmed as Secretary of State. Caroline Kennedy is getting the bulk of the media's attention, but there is another Carolyn that is getting support from The Feminist Majority and NOW -- New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney. ...more