Take The Cake: 'This American Life' Is Really Bad At Talking About Fat

Yet again, fatphobia and its proponents (many of them admittedly left-leaning NPR listeners) somehow fade into the ether.Content notice: drug use for weight loss.On Saturday, I woke up to an email from someone at NPR’s “This American Life”:...more

Talking With Women About Their Obsession with 'Serial'

CUE MUSIC: Bad Dream (the theme) by Nick Diamonds ME: For the last two weeks, I've spent every working day trying to understand why Serial is so popular. Or technically, why are my female friends obsessed with this podcast? ...more

Get Hooked on 'Serial,' a Fascinating New Murder Mystery From 'This American Life'

Fans of true detective stories and public radio should be thrilled to learn that today two of the women producers of This American Lifeare kicking off a new podcast calledSerial. The show, appropropriately named, will follow one story for 10 to 20 episodes which will unfold each week. It's all super addicting and deeply mysterious: Even producer Sarah Koenig and senior producer Julie Snyder don't know how this season will end. ...more
I've just listened to all three episodes. I am a true crime junkie and from Baltimore.. around ...more

Like Texting on the Toilet, You Know You Comment Without Reading, Too

By now you've probably heard of NPR's brilliant experiment that they ran on April 1st. They posted an inflammatory headline, but then placed in the body of the post an explanation of how they suspected that the vast majority of angry commenters rarely read the article they are debating. They asked people who actually read the body of the post to simply hit "like" and not comment, and left the comment section for those who were going to jump immediately into having their voice heard rather than taking a moment to listen. Sure enough, the self-righteous responses poured in. And a lot of people looked like idiots. ...more
A+ , Melissa :) I rarely comment before finishing the post but sometimes I get excited about the ...more

A Refrigerator's Worth A Thousand Words

Author's note: I keep forgetting to cross post for NaBloPoMo...perhaps because I'm posting at the last moment before I fall asleep...and yet I have, in fact, so far kept up with daily posting!  Please visit And I'll Raise You 5 to see more November posts. NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt for November 12, 2013: Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.  ...more

Cook Your Cupboard Wants to Know: What's Languishing in Your Pantry?

Campbell’s Limited Edition soups ...more

My Three Minute Fiction

NPR's Three Minute Fiction Round 8 winner was announced and it wasn't me! Periodically, National Public Radio runs a short story contest where a famous writer comes up with a writing prompt and you have to write a story of no more than 500 words. The stars aligned and I submitted an entry. Every entry had to begin with the sentence: she closed the book, placed it on the table, and finally, decided to walk through the door. Below is my story Will You Plant Lilacs for Me?...more
 @JourneyofLife Thanks Angela! Thanks for your kind words I'm smiling big as I read them. You ...more

#BlueBra, There Comes a Time

Though my eyes are swollen almost shut from crying since yesterday morning, and I can barely take full breaths, due to losing a spiritual-sister and lifelong friend, I am impelled to dry tears of mourning to speak about the Women of Egypt's struggles. Though you are preparing for the holidays, please take time with me for the Women of the Middle East....more

Proud NPR Geek!

My name is denverlori and I am an NPR addict! I’ve said it, I’ve owned it, and I live it!...more