Fundraising Nude - Is it Working?

Recently, a group of 84 women in Peachland, British Columbia decided to raise money for breast cancer by dropping their clothes and attaching themselves to a zip line. Each of the naked fundraisers went careening off over the landscape leaving behind any inhibitions they may have had. How much did they raise? $15000. Is stripping down to the bare essentials the best way to raise funds?...more

Surprise, Surprise!

When I bought my house some years ago people were quick to make assumptions about my single-girl living arrangements.  The first was that I would have a roommate.  When I told them that I was buying a much more modest place than the bank suggested I could afford because my goal was to live alone, they immediately made a strange second assumption. "Oh!  Good!  Then you can walk around naked!" ...more

Now That I Can...


Survive the Raputure and Get Naked

Watch out world, a wild weekend awaits us all. The BAD News:  You had better party hard, kiss your kids, and knock as many items off your bucket list as humanly possible by Saturday.   Stop planning your Doomsday parties and trips to watch the aliens land in France in 2012 because you only have until this Saturday. ...more

Boob Hysteria

Earlier this month a woman attacked a Gauguin painting at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. while screaming "this is evil," it "has nudity," is "very homosexual" and "bad for the children." If that isn't sufficiently ridiculous, the media's coverage of the incident makes the situation even more bothersome. Comments Dr....more

New TSA Screening Nude-O-Scope and Pat Downs- Who really hates it?

Other than myself hating the new TSA scanning and pat downs, I didn't know who really hated the new screening process. The last two days, I set out to find out....more

Also, I learned that the screening procedures mean absolutely nothing for inbound flights from ...more

Miley Cyrus Exposed

Last week, celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton posted an up-skirt photo of Miley Cyrus as she was exiting a car in a short skirt. The question of whether posting material of the underage teen in this manner was appropriate hit the streams and blogosphere and erupted [View the censored image here.] ...more

apparently underage sexuality is now fully marketable. consult your personal moral compass. ...more

Skinbook, Nacations: I See Naked People in the News

Blame it on the Victorians, on our Puritan forefathers or on deep-seated sexual repression, but we remain fascinated by nudists.  Even the most mundane act can attract incredible attention simply by removing a fig leave here or there.  Walk the dog while wearing a cowboy hat?  Sigh, boring. But walk the dog while naked, with or without your cowboy hat.  You are now more newsworthy than the proverbial man who bites a dog. (If you are a naked man who bites dogs, don't expect those paparazzi to leave anytime soon.)  ...more

I'm with Morningside Mom. We collect art and often have paintings or photography that depicts ...more

How Does Your Family Handle Nudity?

I had a friend who once asked me whether I grew up in a naked family. I was confused by the question, so she explained that there were two types of families: naked and non-naked. Families that walk around nude with no problem and families who are always fully clothed.  I replied that my family growing up was actually half and half.  My mother was always running around naked, and my father was always clothed.  While I lived with my parents, I was pretty much clothed, but nowadays?  Naked. ...more
Angela Tseng Do you still shower together with the family Angela?  As my kids grow older we ...more

If Nudity is Artistic Expression, Who Owns the Body Used as Art?

Although the news is frequently disturbing, I still read the newspaper while I eat breakfast. On Friday morning, a news item caught my eye: an art gallery in New York's West Village is displaying a live naked woman. The title told me everything that I needed to know: Hey, Look! She's Naked! But It's Art, So It's All Right. ...more
oh, and with regard to this particular showing... I don't know the artist's intent with this ...more