The End of My Journey to Motherhood

This post was originally published on my family blog, Suiresphere, in May 2011.  It is one of my favorite posts about the struggles that all mothers have when it comes to deciding to have more children... Our church had baby dedication on Mother’s Day this year, making the day a little “extra” special for those new moms who proudly held their squirming infants and toddlers in front of the congregation....more
This post is outstanding, fabulous, beautiful! I am 55-years old; I have three grown children, ...more

When Your Husband Doesn't Want More Children

"It's a boy."The news came through on Facebook—telegraph of our generation—and my heart plummeted.As gloom settled over me I honestly thought that it was sadness for her that brought me down. My friend had so desperately hoped for a girl, I was heartbroken for her. A boy. Her third. And then, later, after receiving a gushing text, overflowing with love for her new baby boy, and noticing that my gloom only deepened, I realized that my sadness was for me, not her....more
My husband agreed before we were married to having 4 children.  My first pregnancy was ...more