Frothy Day

Joy Behar: The Doctor's Stethoscope

An open letter to Joy Behar,...more

Perfection is Bogus

Honestly, the idea of perfection is bogus. If I thought I was the perfect anything I would stop learning, perfecting, and evolving in my roles at home and at work. I can strive to be the best in all that I do but I will never truly be perfect. There is always something new to master. I would also imagine that perfection is boring, static. You are at the top so there is no where else to go.  ...more

i'm just a nurse

i will never let these words slip out of my mouth again, "i'm just a nurse." difficult shifts lately have left me reflecting on my job, my career, my calling... you see, your view of a nurse may be what mine was before i considered it as a "real" career option. i used to think nurses were just helpers; they gave meds, they cleaned up patients, they simply did as the doctor asked. while all that is true to some extent, nurses are so much more....more

The ON/OFF switch of shift work

There's a good and bad side to shift work. The supposed (unspoken, but very well known) ON/OFF switch.I've been a shift worker for most of my adult life. My first round of college (yes I said first round) I worked shifts. I was a steady PM shift worker. Ahh, the good ole' days. As a college student it was the ideal shift. Classes all day, work from 3-11p and then 'party-time'....more

the post I shouldn't write

I work.Specifically, my work involves people. People at their most vulnerable moments. People trying to fight or fly. There are breaking points, learning curves. I am a nurse. My work is people.I always shy away from writing about work. There's this frightening thing out there called HIPAA. And though it is very good and very necessary, it makes me afraid to type out and talk about what I do for a living....more

Welcome Back elaineR.N.

It may be kind of crusty to give my own welcome back party, but I wanted to give myself public positive feedback and kudos for finally writing again.  Don’t know what exactly pulled me away from my joy of writing about health, but I just didn’t have whatever it took to say what I wanted.  It began after I broke my wrist/arm, as typing hurt when I stayed at it too long.  Then, I didn’t want to think about health stuff beyond my own recovery.  Also, I was really exhausted and didn’t have energy beyond what the daily activities of life called for and  Blah blah blah.&n...more
@KarenLynnn Hi and thank you!!  I have renewed energy and will be posting again next week.  Got ...more

To NURSES everywhere: a tip of my nursing cap!!

 ElaineR.N. 1971...more
@Nobody wants to be Ethel Hope you had a fabulous International Nurses Day because you deserve ...more


I’ve been on my own for about four months now & every night is an adventure. I will never forget the events that unfolded the very first night I flew solo…...more

Super Woman......Not!!!

Greetings and welcome to my blog space, should that be one word or two….blogspace?  This is my first official blog.  I can’t make any promises that it will be interesting, funny, or uplifting.  I can promise that I will be truthful in my blogs.  You will read the good, the bad and the ugly in my posts.  I will be bombarding my blog space with my opinions, feelings, and experiences related to being a married RN with a two year old daughter.  I might even offer some advice to the married, working mother, as to how to juggle the demands of working, parenting, and ...more
Remember "Write when angry!"more