That's Scary - Part Two

Day  Six: Lest anyone think I’m reporting only on ditzy blonde female nurses, I'd like to make it clear that today; my scary story is about a male nurse.   He arrived on the scene early this morning and introduced himself to my son as, Joe, his nurse for the day. He proceeded to make conversation about being a Vietnam veteran who wondered why he became a nurse considering the horrendous things he saw in the war....more
 @alienbody It was a terrible time, but he's at home now recuperating.  I'm grateful it's over.  ...more

The Trials & Tribulations Of A Night Shift Nurse

First & foremost - I am SO thankful that I have a job. Out of our graduating class of 38, a little less than half of us have found jobs (we graduated on December 12th). Having said that, I must admit I’m having a very difficult time adjusting to night shift. Working from 7pm until 7am just isn’t natural. My schedule for the next three months is work 3 nights in a row, have 4 days off. It’s a pretty nice schedule considering I have every weekend off & 4 days to recover. That will change once I’m done with my preceptorship. ...more
I think this is something that many nurses struggle with, especially new nurses. I was ...more

Always the event planner...

According to Wikipedia, a pinning ceremony is a symbolic welcoming of newly graduated nurses into the nursing profession. Thanks Wikipedia, but I’d like to refer to it as a major pain in the butt....more


I just added it up – I have 35 more days of class/clinical left before I’m done with nursing school & able to sit for the RN state boards. The 35 days are spread over the next 12 weeks, but still, I’M ALMOST THERE! While we’re talking numbers in 84 days I will be sitting with my class at our pinning ceremony. Woo-hoo!In the mean time, another 5 weeks has come and gone. We learned how to perform 3 new skills:...more

Up to date

Health Update: to my surprise I have been fairly healthy the last couple of months (don’t worry, I just knocked on wood). The only thing that really bothers me other than my anxiety is the fact that my clothes seem to be shrinking. Apparently, this is a common side effect of nursing school. My solution: exercising my arms as I flip through the daily papers for BOGO’s on Lean Cuisines & Healthy Choices. At least that's the plan until school’s over....more

Scrubs Magazine Features JParadisi Paintings in Fall 2011 Issue

Three Vases, Two Dollies, and a Thong....more

Three little letters...

L. P. N. Who knew that having three letters behind your name could make you feel so good? I have actually accomplished part of what I set out to do a year and a half ago. Now I can officially say that I am a nurse. It certainly wasn’t easy though.Taking the state boards was the hardest and most intimidating thing I’ve encountered so far in nursing. It took me two hours to complete the exam and I left the testing center completely exhausted. I had no idea how I did. What I did know is that I was dreading the 48 hours I’d have to wait to see if I passed or not....more

My Name, LPN… Go Ahead & Start Calling Me Nurse

I can see a light at the end of this long tunnel called Nursing School. In seven short months I will have finished my Associate’s Degree in Nursing. And in five days I will be eligible to sit for the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) state boards. That is if I make it through the next five days…...more
@KraftyKat Thanks! I actually am looking into an RN to MSN program. One day, I'd like to teach ...more

Conquering my biggest fear

For those of you who know me, you know that I hate sputum. Phlegm, mucous, boogers, call it what you will, it’s not my thing. I’ve also found that I don’t like drool, spit, or slobber but I’ll save that one for another time.My luck in nursing school could be categorized as absent…I have no idea how I managed to dodge a clinical rotation on the respiratory floor a few classes ago. And after my first week of pediatric nursing clinical was a dud I was already saying, “Hopefully the next class will be better.” Thankfully, my luck changed the very next week....more

Professional Butt Wiper

As if nursing school isn’t stressful enough, I recently started a new job as a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) at a long-term healthcare facility. While I enjoyed working as a Home Health Aide, I wanted to get experience at an actual healthcare facility.I knew this job would be a drastic change from my previous job, but I was eager to jump right in. It has definitely proved to be challenging but I am loving every minute of it. It’s an eight hour shift and each CNA has nine residents to care for.The typical day goes like this:...more
kudos to you for loving you work, because its not easy and not everyone likes to do what you are ...more